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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Will Form 944 Pr Veterans

Instructions and Help about Will Form 944 Pr Veterans

I think I became more patriotic and I felt more American when I was deported we have people here and Tijuana Mexico that are multiple recipients of the Bronze Star for heroism they can't cross the border a short distance away to get VA care because they've been deported here's what we are sleep we stay here as many as seven I'm my heart and my mind so over there in the United States you know in the u.s. serving in the Armed Forces has long been considered one of the highest forms of patriotism but what that means for foreign-born military men and women can be complicated 3% of our military is foreign-born of that seventy five thousand of them are not US citizens like their us-born counterparts they suffer from high rates of PTSD and substance abuse but if they get in trouble with the law oftentimes for crimes related to their PTSD they're held to what some call double punishment serving a prison sentence and then also being deported right before I was discharged I was having problems with alcohol and drugs then I caught a DUI I was chaptered out of the military for the honorable discharge but my major problem started right after the military service I was basically involved in shooting nobody was hurt I wasn't the person that did it but at the end of the day I'm the one that pled guilty to it but I went to prison for it and I did a little bit over two years I got deported to Nogales Sonora and basically they just walked me to a door you opened the gate and that was it six months later I snuck back into the country and I just laid low under the radar from 2022 through 2022 Music we are in TJ Reiner Mexico and the reason why I'm here is because I got the deported I was in the 82nd Airborne Division with the paratroopers after I did my time there I really listed by deployed to Okinawa Japan and then I moved to Washington first Special Forces Group I wanted to be in there for for 20 years I was in Washington until I got in trouble I was drinking with my buddy or went to the bar and then we got into an altercation with three guys one thing led to another and out of my gun on me and I ended up a street in one of them he got shot in the shoulder he ended up being and going to the hospital he lived he didn't die or anything so one is like like a serious offense in Washington carries in nine years and because the weapon was involved that's five years three years when I was incarcerated earn a degree and I heard a couple of diplomas my last four years I volunteered to fight wildfires twelve years and four months goes by and I ended up in late work-release you go out in the community and you get a job the person that was in charge of me she goes to my work in the morning is just like you have to go back to prison then you have to get deported I got transition to immigration detention center and I was there for five months nah I didn't even though I served in the military and that I had my green card and it just yeah that doesn't matter I don't mind friendship police about a man because every day I keep my son and me we want to go back even if a veteran serves honorably as a US legal resident if they're convicted of what's called an aggravated felony they can still face deportation once limited to serious crimes like murder and drug trafficking and the 90s aggravated felony started to include offenses like theft failing to appear in court and even some misdemeanors once a veteran is convicted of this it's considered a lifetime ban on good moral character which is something they need to show to become US citizens there was a ticket that I didn't pay and I had a fender bender but then it was I was a deported felon so they picked me up again they reinstated my deportation I don't know what it was but something told me like I'm gonna get home one day in one way or the other I thought it was gonna be like okay you know maybe a couple years and took me like almost nine years for me being deported eventually brought out more than the American because I started really defining what it is to be in America April 13th of 2022 I was granted citizenship through military service and a pardon that pretty much got rid of the criminal charge that I hadn't Estados Unidos instead it's funny because one day I was watching a Mexican news and we're talking about the court of veterans and I was like thinking in my mind man I hope that never happens to me the years go by and I'm there same situation I can remember seeing Hector on the news reporter I went looking from the day that I found them yeah got the part of the macabre later that same day good afternoon everybody this is specialist Badajoz down here at the deported venice support house the bunker and Monday morning before I was deported I was already working with deported veterans and their families but when I got deported now I was actually working with actual guys that were deported we have people here and Tijuana Mexico that are multiple recipients of the Bronze Star for heroism war heroes you know and they can't go they can't cross the border a short distance away to get VA care because they've been deported they're not angels but you know what even in war we don't expect our soldiers to deploy in.

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