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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Will Form 944 Pr Succeeding

Instructions and Help about Will Form 944 Pr Succeeding

Hello believe nation I'm Evan Carmichael my one word is believe and I believe that entrepreneurs are going to solve all of the major problems of the world so to help you on your journey today we're going to learn from Pastor Sunday at Elisha and my take on his top ten rules of success rule number four is my personal favorite and I'd love to know which one you guys like the best and as always guys as you're watching if you hear something that really resonates with you please leave it down the comments below put quotes around it so other people can be inspired and when you write it down it's much more likely to stick for yourself as well enjoy stop picking yourself stop picking yourself top you know looking at yourself at 8:50 that is one thing you must stop doing if you want to attend anything in life you know what life is about pain everybody one time or the other feels pain and if you offer the pain or you want to run away from pain all the time that means you pity yourself too much and if you run away too much from pain then you not that you would love you you not you would not have any progress or you not experience any change in life whatsoever every change requires pain for example if you want to just sit down at too much study and not watch TV and not go to play with your with your or your friends that cost something that causes some pain if you want to be different from all that people people criticize you and talk about you that causes some pain but those pain of what I call voluntary pains they obtain that you need to pay the price off right now so that you'll be able to avoid greater pain later on in life so but if you had somebody that likes comfort too much and you think that any correction or any process of pain is too much for you or you deadly for you or is unbearable for you you only pity repeating yourself and if you are just doing if all what you're doing is just between yourself you will never become a better person sometimes we all need to be tough on ourselves they tough on yourself get that your flesh out of that day and go do what you need to do sometimes you to force your flesh to listen don't let the flesh up dominion over you get to do what you need to do and let that flesh feel that pain so that you might get the result that you desire in your life stop between yourself now success is a one thing that is hidden in the most unlikely of places and one of the places that success is hitting is in doing what you don't feel like doing most of the time we do what we feel like doing and we do we don't do what we don't feel like doing just like somebody a kid or a child that doesn't want to wake up in the morning to go to school but you make them go to school because I the way to success success the same thing with adults is you know a failure is somebody that gives to his flesh unto his body what they want your body wants to eat chocolate and ice cream all the time you eat it all the time you do what you feel like doing well that will lead you to be in obeys and you know if you feel like going to work you go but if you don't feel like going don't go or if you feel like no studying you study but if you don't feel like studying you don't study well if you do what you feel like doing and you do what you know you do like what you feel like doing all the time you can become a failure in life but in life you've got to do what you need to do you've got to do what you do I won't feel like doing but if it needs of the doll if you need to study you study even if you don't feel like studying if you need to go to work and if you need to go to work anyway if you don't feel like going to work you go to work because I have the right thing to do so successful people are people who force themselves to do the right thing to do they force themselves to do what they need to do rather than rather than going out there to do only what they feel like doing but they actually do what they don't feel like doing because they know it is needed to get done so you know if you really want to be successful life don't look for you know the easy things and like to look for the things that are difficult even if you don't feel like doing it but when you do it anyway that is the sickness the way that is the greatest way to success when you break your flesh when you you humble your desires and go to do details that you need to do even if you don't feel like doing it well success is hidden in the most only on you know impossible of places in the place of pain when you go to do things that you don't feel like going to find success you know the best picture you ever did those did number one enemy you need to counter is yourself multiple actively trying to conquer some principalities and powers and flights of demons and fight some what do you call it you know courses from inherited courses or you know generation of course is a physical act and.

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