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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Will Form 944 Pr Mailing

Instructions and Help about Will Form 944 Pr Mailing

Hey guys it's Monica I wanted to come on here really quick and share with you the winners of my latest a blink eyelash serum and giveaway I had done the video and I had said that I was going to select two lucky winners when I really meant to select 3 and then as I got into it I decided I was gonna select behive so make sure you watch this entire video so you can see the odds were increased from two to five and I am going to send each of you three I know thinked bottles of linked eyelash serum you can see if it looks like and when you open it up I usually use a really tiny little eyeliner brush this is just one I got from Real Techniques I really really like that so what I do with my blank eyelash serum I take some alcohol rubbing alcohol and I usually make sure that my brush is very sanitized and I also sanitize the lid if you look at this little lid there's a little indent right in the middle of the lid and what I do is I sanitize it I unscrew this I make sure everything is saying I don't know why I do it I do it and then I take one drop one tiny drop right into the center of this lid and then when I have it in there I usually take my eye lash my eye my brush whichever one I'm going to use either the one that came with it which I don't like so I love to use this and then I take it and I just dip it in there saturate the brush and I like an eyeliner like you were going to be putting on an eyeliner and I run this across one eyelash i dip it again I run it across the other eye eyes and I may go two or three times sometimes I'll even do a little on my eyebrows it all depends but I'll dip until I get nothing out of the lid again you know at all and I just keep going back and forth when I'm done I say that ties the brush again I sanitize the lid again I close it up really tie it I put it in a darkened spot and that's kind of how I do it I do this every night now the key for me what I have done is when I take my eye my eye makeup off at night sometimes I'm going to do a double cleanse or whatever but when I take my eye makeup off if I've used any kind of an oily substance to remove it I make sure that's completely gone because the oily substance that you might use to remove your eye makeup can also inhibit this from doing its job so I make sure that I am using a non oily eye makeup remover equate is what I usually buy the oil free a version of equate and and I buy that at Walmart and it's like five bucks something like that and that's what I normally take my my eye makeup off now in the beginning they tell you to use this every single night for I think like four months three months and I do I used it every single night and I noticed a huge difference in my eyelashes the comparison that I had with blink to care post I've used camp roast in a deuce blink is that I felt that the blink doc in my eyelashes slightly compared to the camp roast but my eyelashes themselves stayed you know they they the length was there or the thickness was there the volume everything was there so there was really no major difference between care post and blank that I could tell other than the blinked gave my natural eyelashes a darker color a little bit darker now I am using City beauty's City lash right now because I'm taking a six-week break from blink which is what I did last February as well I went all the way into February into March and I just took a break from using any kind of an eye saerom and I used something else so the city lashes what I'm using but then I'm going to go right back on to my blink and I'm just hoping that it continues to work for me as well as it has I mean my eyelashes went from no eyelashes basically to really cool looking eyelashes so I love my eyelashes love them so I was really happy to be able to do this giveaway five of you are winning three bottles each three each so what I need you to do is to leave me your mailing information I'm going to put in the description box below my email you can leave me an email or you can comment below this video but I need to know your shipping information how I can get this to you now depending on when this actually gets published I could be still on my my Vegas trip so it might not get sent until I return but I'll certainly let you know that so here's what I did is I went to a random comment picker online and I put in the the URL for the video and then here's what it did and now I said randomly pick my winner Missy D the only rule was that you had to be subscribed and you had to say that you want to try the blink and Missy D my first winner then I did it again I put the URL back in I loaded up the comments I went through them I said randomly pick my winner and my next winner was Cathy purser or purser so Cathy same thing she said she had to.

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