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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing 944 Pr Irs Form

Instructions and Help about Will Form 944 Pr Fringe

Streaming on Friday August 3rd and we have some big news q confirms that we have the server what server he's talking about I believe it's all the servers and we'll see also we see MSM on full attack mode against queuing on and a ton of queuing on post to go through III go through four different parts of my every video first one is queuing on post second one goes in Q news then we go over to acute prophecy or some type of scripture because that's Q related and then fourth we go into some prayer discussion so let's hit the hit it on number one so right now we have Terry bardu coming on Gina and Rodney in another phase G to a mama Angela tons of people coming on Florida left Costa says Oregon so good so good to have you all so here we're gonna really get into this because this is important day we have the server verified through a queue non-drop full attack mode by msn like we've never seen before we are at the tip of the spear here now and it is real cueing on post august 3rd here we go looking into this we go to 1806 is 1813 I think there was at least 1012 posts today alone so I'm going back to look at some of these things that we saw I want to remind you that there was this Trump attack foiled back here and this big Oklahoma article before the Dominical about this oklahoma man drove to pennsylvania right and then supposedly this woman saved him well she turns out she's probably was a spook so we'll dig into that here in a second as well so that was 7 1800 and then when I was when I was recording last night these three things came in that basically talked about threat received the you yes Secret Service attacked it appropriately this is not a game so you'll see that that whole thing with that newspaper article about somebody that drove with a gun all the way from Oklahoma to Pennsylvania to to kill Trump and this girl proposes saved him and she wanted to have a cue shirt on and go hug Trump where there was a plan of the deep state to do something ugly there and there's a bunch of theories we'll get into here in a second and then now we know iq didn't post before the rally he was pretty busy with this new threat that came up with this woman client wanting to hug Trump with a cue shirt on right so we have a major all forces attack coming against cue and on I'm trying to do some type of most likely a false like against the cue non-community and here why because something's bigs about to drop they're trying to deflect it they need to deflect it they now have known they have cannot ignore it they're trying to pay disinformation agents probably like the like obviously that all the the other I don't want to name names but the other disinformation agents in our own community that started talking about about Q that didn't stop the momentum so they're good oh my goodness we ignored it didn't work we went and wouldn't got a bunch of disinformation agents to talk against it and in an alternative media that didn't work so okay now we're gonna do a full-fledged Media Matters MSM deep state criminal controlled propaganda attack calling everything a conspiracy theory the same term they invented in 1967 against a JFK you know I guess investigators that are now all called conspiracy theorists they're trying to now label us with that here we go 1803 was the first post and he says how and button by the way guys I just got off work so I didn't I just had enough time to load all my browser's up and so this isn't gonna be as smooth as usual we're gonna do this together I'll show you how I i decipher these and we'll kind of do it together right how do you safeguard the integrity of our elections from domestic and foreign criminal actors how do you utilize russia russia narrative to knock out decades-old election corruption and then they has three articles here i'm gonna bring these up because i learned my lessons by trying to bring them all up earlier a couple of days ago when the connection pretty much died down to almost nothing but here's a senior the White House is the White House Twitter it looks like senior administration officials warned that Russia will try to undermine upcoming US elect the president has specifically directed us to make the matter of election Medellin a top priority Director of National Intelligence dan coates said so that's kind of interesting is that this is August 2nd this has came out yesterday so I'm gonna close each of these down as I go so again how do you safeguard the integrity of our elections from domestic and foreign criminal actors how to utilize the Russia Russian air to knock out decades-old election corruption you use it against them this is so brilliant in my opinion right so you're basically gonna say hey you don't we don't want Russia our election messing our elections right we can't have voter machine fraud then which they been doing right we can't have dead people voting right we can't have illegals voting we need to make sure that we safeguard from up from Russia right and we're really safeguarding against the deep state and criminals that have been over our fraud fraud over our machines etc is the second article here as well and this is a August 2nd executive order look at this fact she's turn--oh president Donald J Trump is strengthening the security of our elections we're going to take strong action and say.

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