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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Will Form 944 Pr Compensation

Instructions and Help about Will Form 944 Pr Compensation

Hey guys it's Sunday and it's a beautiful Sunday although it's pretty cold and I am at my beautiful niece Kayla baby shower she's having a little boy her estimated due date is January 1st and they were the baby showers just absolutely beautiful so I've been taking some video clips and some photos and you're gonna probably put together a little video for her but it's just been a hectic crazy week for me I ended up working like I think it was think about 58 hours this past week so I was like exhausted so I haven't really done a lot of vlogging I did go to Boston and I am going to share with you a couple of the clips that I took in Boston it was the annual convention and I went down and roomed with a couple of girls as you can see her I'm gonna put some of the photos in so two of the ladies that I work with and I we went down together and we shared a room and we were right across from the Convention Center which was really good because we could just walk over there and we just had a blast I mean so this of course was just a little prop standing in front of the realtor magazine but I think there was like about 22 thousand real estate professionals from all over the country at this convention the trade show was like phenomenal and I think really cool cool part of it was the CEO Geno I can never pronounce his name right which shouldn't surprise you but he's the CEO of the Berkshire Hathaway affiliate the entire corporation in that sense for the real estate division and so he was at the convention and we did this little you know jumping for joy these little video clips and I just thought it was hysterical so we went in and we one of the other the manager of the Londonderry office and I held his hands and we kind of did this little action clip that's really cool and then we also did a New Hampshire night out New Hampshire night out was in the north end Boston so we took overs to get there and so his little video clip of some of the streets as we were driving to the New Hampshire night out I don't know how many New Hampshire Realtors were at New Hampshire night out but it was a cool restaurant a North End of Boston and it was Italia and I ate like a pig I did a like a pig so but I had a great time exhausting and then I came home to reality to work to everything else so it's been a hectic week so I'm going to show you a little bit a couple of clips of the shower and I'm not too sure this I want to talk a little bit about some products and stuff probably at the tail end but I also got my hair cut they've got about two inches on to the length and which i think is pretty good and then she also gave me some layers I didn't get my highlights done because I still had a lot of blondes so I really didn't need it so now I'm gonna head back in I mean like a little room I just think it a pop and hearing kind of do a little video that's me in the mirror see you later so hey guys I thought I would share with you a I guess this is like a subscription box that you can get but it's handbags and accessories and I think that it was Natalie the beauty devar but I can find her video I will link it below where she actually talked about receiving this very same subscription box but the company's name and I'm gonna pronounce it probably wrong and excuse me I have a little bit of a cold so I'm sounding a little congested but I believe the company's name is Bella's uh no really this is a cool I thought a really cool subscription box when they reached out to me about having an opportunity to review their subscription box I was like yeah and it's kind of really good because I got to fill out a questionnaire that was pretty specific to my taste I had no idea what they were going to send me and because this is a free box obviously if you were to purchase the subscription box you'd fill out your own questionnaire you might get a completely different type of a pocketbook but I think that Natalie and I I believe except maybe the color was different I think we may have got the same type of a box so I got this bag and this is a it's a blue bag I hope the color is picking up on it I think Natalie's looks black but I'm not sure it's actually pretty spacious it's leather and I like the fact that it has an outside pocket and then it has a strap so you could make it you could put this think this is like a crossbody but you could actually have it long enough to attach it and have it be like a crossbody bag if you like a crossbody bag and I you know most of the time I wear a shoulder bag but across a body bag when I especially when I go somewhere and when you travel a crossbody back in my opinion they're just really awesome because you can you know strap your bag up really comfortable across your shoulders and not have to worry about it slips and all that so yeah this is most definitely and I can actually lengthen this a little bit yes I have plenty of room to lengthen it so you can see but.

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