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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Will Form 944 Pr Attach

Instructions and Help about Will Form 944 Pr Attach

Hello my name is Russ Merrick and I can welcome you to the manufacturing facility of Merrick Machine Company located here in Alden Nebraska we've actually got our auto dolly accessory items here and here's the set of Auto dollies that are actually on this car we have here and we have the roll around attachments they're going to go on a standard auto dolly whether it's a 16 inch or a 12 inch we have 12 inch actually on this car guys go ahead and roll it you can zoom in here real quick you can actually see the bolt pattern's actually cut out so we're missing the brake calipers now here's the big advantage for the paint shops guys it's easier they're rolling this normally in a shop you're rolling back and forth you're still limited by the tires that are on the car you can only go back and forth back and forth or Jack it all around so go ahead and stop right there gentlemen real quick as you can see you're coming in you miss the brake calipers they're unisex so they're gonna fit on the front of the back you don't have any worry about that the big advantage most paint shops you're gonna roll this in the paint shop itself guys and you're not going to mask the door it's the last thing because you're trying to fight it steer it get it in the paint shop and then once you're inside the paint shop you're gonna mask the door off and then you going to go mask the tires off don't bother doing that save yourself some steps let's go ahead and have these on here then you can actually go ahead and paint inside the wheel wells okay or you can do some detail work if you're working on suspension or Springs or anything of that nature works really well guys go ahead and move it one more time for you here's two guys moving it generally in a in a body shop you're going to have three maybe four guys actually moving it bear in mind that your floor's pretty bad ours is pretty good because it's still a fresh floor and you can see how it rolls the front ends gonna be a little heavier because it's got an engine by chance guys go ahead and tuck this back up against the wall if you would just go ahead and push it right back give her a shove good job you're going with the same bolt pattern we actually have a kit system that you can get see a 4 inch 5 inch or 6 inches available and you just have to specify that at the time also you have to specify whether you have a 12 inch wide set of dollies or 16 inch wide set of dollies these are America original product these are roll around so they go in your car dynamite for the paint shops and professional guys or just that do-it-yourselfers back home in your garage these are a must they're going to save you a lot of time lot of aggravation let you get things in and out you can move sideways spin 360 degrees go and 90 degrees up against the wall whatever it takes as opposed to jockeying a car back and forth once again this is America original product it's the roll around you can go to our website check it out the auto dolly comm or you can call the factory at one eight hundred five six eight seven four two three once you like to thank you for your time you.

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