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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Will Form 944 Pr Adjustment

Instructions and Help about Will Form 944 Pr Adjustment

Alright guys so I have a 2022 WRX here and I currently just installed the airlift performance with the V with the 3p management system and when you get these these are basically like coilovers as you can see you have your dampening settings and all of that and I'm just going to show you how you can adjust your camber so to adjust your camber you're just going to take an Allen wrench and you're going to loosen all four of these bolts doesn't take much to loosen them as you can see it's moving already so you just loosen those up once you got those loosened up you can slide this back and forth now if you have these all the way over to this side that's going to give you more positive camber meaning your wheel is going to go outward and then if you move it over towards this way you're going to have more of a negative camber and on top of this you can get more of a camber adjustment I don't know if you guys can see that in there but there's another screw down there and you can move the position of these screws so I'm just going to go over here just trying to equal up the bags and over as far as you can go Stover pushes over any ball okay so I tighten this front to a little bit just need to make sure it stays in place so I have it equal with my other side you're just going to go through tighten it down didn't seem like it was too tight on it begin with but want to make sure it doesn't move around on me while driving if I didn't mention you do need your carjacked out for this don't necessarily need the wheel off once you got those tighten up you should be good to go you can lower your Jack down as you can see it's not doing record cuz it's not lowered right now but you've got more of a tilt to it going this way positive will go this way so as you can see I dropped it all the way down now and I had this was pretty much you couldn't even fit dollar bill in here I have a little bit more space now so it's a little bit safer to drop it this way no this doesn't happen here's an aggressive negative camera as the back wheel as you can tell from there that's what it does have a slight camber to it hmm that's how you adjust your camber on either coilovers or airbags.

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