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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Why Form 944 Pr Veterans

Instructions and Help about Why Form 944 Pr Veterans

This video presents a basic introduction to Tai Chi it features the yang style short form which is the most widely available Tai Chi in the world the video was made by veterans for veterans who designed it to teach you the fundamentals of Tai Chi Tai Chi is movement that connects the mind and body in ways that can be used for mental emotional and physical healing we have found that it is especially helpful to veterans with PTSD chronic pain balance and mobility issues or those who have limited capability to exercise Tai Chi can be for any age group it requires no equipment and can be done by yourself or in a group it does not involve getting down on the floor and back up in fact your Tai Chi exercise can be adjusted to your exact needs and abilities the basic introduction will begin with warmups basic movements and drills from which we will build a 20-4 movement Tai Chi sequence feed a practice on your own but first let's listen to your group of veterans healthcare system of the Ozarks instructors discuss how they got started and what drew them into using Tai Chi in their lives well I've been doing Tai Chi for over 20 years I had some instruction early on in the yang style short form I since then I've mostly practiced on my own it has been a huge part of me dealing with depression and anxiety it's also been a great tool for me and using for dealing with my chronic pain I've had a lot of problems with with pain at one point I was was on a lot of hydrocodones opioids pretty steady diet of him and realized a debt really wasn't the best for me long term and started using Tai Chi as a way to not eliminate the pain but learn how to deal with it in much better way so it's been a huge part of my mental health and physical health recovery and it's a great part of my life hello my name is Robert Wood I'm a peer support specialist with the VA at the Mount Vernon C walk today I'll be working you through our Tai Chi program in this program you're gonna meet myself Tom harmony and Jim Hale section one of the Addie's video series features instruction on Tai Chi warm ups movement foundations and walking steps the best way to learn the first steps of the 24 forum is to break it up into smaller units the goal of this section is to introduce you to Tai Chi and explore with you how to use it to enrich your life this section is aimed at the beginner Tai Chi student please note that the live tai chi classes are available on the main campus as well as most of the SI box just call your pack team 'let or clinic staff to find out the schedule now we're talking about Tai Chi breathing this is breathing with your belly you inhale the belly goes out the diaphragm comes down draws the air into the bottom of your lungs just be relaxing deep breath in through your nose belly goes out exhale through your mouth inhale through your nose belly goes out push the air back out of your lungs breathe out through your mouth Music very simple very important now we're gonna do our pouring imagine you're just a big body of water and you're going to pour it from one side to the other so you do a Taichi breath pour your way to the right exhale come back down to Center inhale pour to the left exhale back down to Center try to make the movement last the entire length of your breath inhale over exhale back to Center inhale to the other side you should visualize seeing yourself pouring your body from one side to the other back out you want a hundred percent eventually of your weight under on your leg and then back fifty-fifty order the other direction all your weights in one leg pull back down this becomes important as we move on in some of the moves because we're going to pour and breathe together so now we get into the leftmost dance this is just the same idea pouring forward and back rather than side to side inhale pull your weight out you need goes right out over the toe 100% of your weight on the lead leg exhale back and then you pour your weight back to your back leg so you got a 100% on your back leg zero on your lead leg then back to Center inhale pour forward exhale back to centre Music inhale pour back exhale back to centre one more time inhale forward exhale back to centre inhale switch to the next leg same idea doing the same thing inhale forward pour your way to the lead leg exhale back to Center inhale to the back exhale back to Center inhale forward I exhale back to the side inhale back exhale back to centre this is one you'll really start feeling a little bit of a burn in your legs you can widen the stance a little bit as you get stronger and going a little bit deeper but for right now you just kind of keep a fairly narrow stance and just practice feeling the idea of pouring your weight from side to side this becomes a fantastic warm-up exercise and it's really good for helping us with our balance now we're gonna work on the Tai Chi walk left foot slightly forward feet about shoulder width apart weights evenly distributed left toe comes up hips and toe go out 45 degrees come forward knee goes straight out over your toe pull your weight forward see step forward and then bring your hips back around front now right--so comes up hips and toe.

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