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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Why Form 944 Pr Refund

Instructions and Help about Why Form 944 Pr Refund

Good morning the most commonly asked question that we receive after preparing a tax return is how do I check the status of my refund now for the IRS it's really easy all I want you to do on a web browser here is that I want you to go to the website WWII rsg ovie now it's very important IRS dot govt and when you get to this page there's a tab that says refunds so if I was to click here take my mouse and click refunds okay I'm gonna need three things I'm gonna need first my social security number or if it's married filing joint you're gonna need the taxpayers social security number you're gonna need to know your filing status and you're also going to need to know your exact refund amount so once you have those three pieces of information you click where's my refund and ok it does say here that it is a government website so you can't be messing around on it you're gonna enter your social security number your filing status your exact refund amount and hit submit when you do that give it a few seconds and then it'll track your refund ok it'll pop up and it will say they've received your efile they are processing or it'll say that the processing has been completed and you can expect to have your refund either direct deposited or if you're getting a check mailed they'll tell you the date in which it's gonna be mailed okay now for New York State if you're checking for your New York state tax refund you're gonna go to a different website you're gonna go to WWE X NY govt ok let me say that again WW KX e NY govt and that will bring it to the New York State Department of tax website when you do that you can see right here it says check my Rieff or check your refund so if I click here okay I can do that first by get started okay I first need to type in a security code that's displayed on the screen okay so if I just type in the one here that I see and I hit continue okay I'm going to select the tax year that I want to check the refund status for for 2022 I'm gonna check 2022 you put in your social security number in which form did you file okay now I want you to click here the IT - 2:01 or the IT 2:03 it's the same choice ok and then you're gonna put in your dollar amount requested you're gonna get this off your New York State form IT 201 on page 4 it'll say the dollar amount of your refund so if you type that in there and hit continue it'll show you the status of your refund pretty easy.

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