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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Why Form 944 Pr Arent

Instructions and Help about Why Form 944 Pr Arent

When I first saw kinder burst in the grocery store in Germany I had to do a double take because I didn't believe what I was actually looking at hey guys what's up it's Kelly again and welcome back to my channel I lived in Germany for 18 months and I moved back to the US about eight months ago and just as when I was living in Germany and noticing the absence of a lot of American things I was used to seeing now that I'm back in the US I'm noticing the absence of some German things so for today's video I'm going to talk to you guys about eight different German things that I never see in the US first up is Betsy I learned when I was living in Germany that Germans are not shy at all about mixing drinks together even when it comes to their beer and while this isn't unheard of in the u.s. the Germans do it way way way more and with so many different types of drinks for example I've never seen an American mixing two different types of sodas together unless it's some kid going ham at the soda fountain machine at a restaurant while his mom isn't paying attention but Germans will mix orange soda with coke and that's exactly what Pepsi is and schmess II isn't even the only type of mass-produced drink with this combination Coca Cola also makes an orange and coke mix called Knepp so mix and then there's a bunch of grocery stores that have their own generic brand versions usually called Cola mix I bought this fitzy at a German specialty store near where I live in DC in fact you can tell that it's an imported product because it has this label to translate all of the German that's on the can into English but you wouldn't be able to walk into a normal grocery store in the US and buy schmutzy or Metso mix or Cola mix at all because we don't have it in fact I'm willing to bet that if I walked outside and talked to the first hundred Americans I see and ask them hey do you know what fitzy is I would get a hundred people telling me no I don't know what that is and also why are you talking to me I don't know the second German thing that you never see in the u.s. is a TV tax in Germany every single household has to pay a special tax that goes towards financing Germany's public channels back before II think 2022 only Germans who owned a TV or radio had to pay this tax but it became too difficult for the government to track down who actually owned a TV and a radio and then with the popularity of personal electronic devices like smartphones and tablets and iPads and so on it became too difficult for the government to accurately tax people so they just kind of did a broad stroke tax and now every single household has to pay whether or not you even use the public channels the flat fee is 1750 euro a month which comes out to 210 euro a year we don't have a TV tax in the u.s. most of our content on TV and radio is commercialized and so it is funded through advertisements we do though have the Public Broadcasting Service or PBS which is public programming and while it does ultimately receive funding from Congress every year through our taxes we don't pay a Direct TV tax like you have in Germany when I first moved to Germany I was told that I needed to buy a parking disc and I had no idea what that was this is a parking disc and you need it to be able to park in certain time restricted areas in Germany you basically Park and then set this wheel to your arrival time and you're able to round up to the next half hour then you set it on your dashboard or you hang it on your windshield with these little suction cups that I have on mine and then you have to leave the parking space within the maximum amount of time you're allowed to park there plus your arrival time so if you show up to a parking spot at 8:00 and that's what you set your little wheel at and the maximum amount of time you're allowed to park in that parking spot is two hours you have to leave by 10:00 because 8 plus 2 is 10 I was really thankful for the person who told me to get a parking disc because I used a all the time not just in Germany but all throughout Europe as I was driving around and if I remember correctly you didn't have to pay to be able to park at these specific types of parking spots to the accountability for making sure that you leave within the max permitted time was through the disk we don't have parking disks in the u.s. we usually only have parking meters or pay machines that give out dashboard tickets with the time you must leave I printed on them okay there is a thing called kinder burst in Germany which I have never seen in the u.s. kinder burst is basically sliced meat that is shaped in two different forms like a smiley face or a bear and is done to appeal to children when I first saw kinder burst in the grocery store in Germany I had to do a double take because I didn't believe what I was actually looking at I've never seen something creatively done with sliced meat before and it seems to be pretty popular given how much of it is in stock in the stores and Misha told me that there's a German comedian who even referenced kinder versed in one.

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