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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Who Form 944 Pr Dont

Instructions and Help about Who Form 944 Pr Dont

Welcome everyone to freedom lost whose weekly conference call on the Thursday February 22nd 2022 this is Peyman month in a day the founder and president of freedom law school and the host for this weekly program every Thursday - folks I conduct these weekly commerce calls in which I do my best to answer your questions but before I do that I will always do a class on an important issue related to freedom and law and you're right and how to live free of oppressive taxation and control the issue I like to focus on in the most is the most oppressive agency in America that touches the lives of most Americans and hurts you makes you poor so that you can afford to buy better groceries better food better housing better education for your children better retirement a better life that's called the Internal Revenue Service the IRS Fira school has set for over 22 years the vehicle tax is an utter fraud a lie a scam but in each state that is owned by the big banks and corporations and the new rule order crowd who would reduce you to slavery and the slave you pay a portion of what you make so you can be kept in bondage of the New World Order it's not to provide all these services they claim to provide you the Rose folks are paid by your local property taxes your gas taxes your local driver's license taxes your police protection Sheriff fire all those things that you come to expect from the government for protection basic services the jail they are provided by your sales tax property tax DMV more more taxes not the federal income tax scam which builds out the big bank stirs to the tune of hundreds of billions of dollars to feed the big military industrial security complex that has always aggressive wars across the world making us hate it across the globe yes right folks Americans hate it across the world because we're not a beacon of freedom like we used to be 200 years ago with the founding fathers now we are becoming the d-cup of oppression of people around the world with our money the government of course oppresses us to feed that machinery these guys buy off our politicians yes the own with that money our politicians they own the major media in this country folks what are we to do about it well folks we're gonna take action about it but first let's educate ourselves I will educate you about the law on your rights like you've never seen anyplace else on the Internet if you have not been to our website I live 3 now.org you want to be sure to do that and sign up for freedom education package that will be mailed to you at no charge and you're going to get follow-up emails over the course of many months she could have desorb your education over some time figure Moss does many courses and freedom packages available to assist you from our very basic course called a practical road to freedom from oppressive taxation and control level one which all of you should have had in high school yes coming out of high school you should add this course or something like it to prepare you for adulthood what are your rights what do you do with the police of the IRS or a bureaucrat right you knock on the door calls you you go through a little bit uh I don't want to be trouble yes sir uh-huh what have you say sir is that is that that's freedom you need to know your rights and that level one course get you that at the minimum you all should have that 300 course then that price is $19.99 for 19 years and you can put only half or third down and make payment on the rest no credit check we just trust you if you're lost we'll simply trust you to be honorable and it comes with a 90 day unconditional money back guarantee you're not satisfied totally send it back in good condition and your 300 also the refunded you only pay for the shipping I'll extend the time if you need more time to listen to it and all the way up top the lining of our royal to the package were letters responses are done for you to the IRS get these crooks off of your back on limited consultation and more Safina muscles about giving you tools education and support to help your lips we providing you answers that actually work that's what you want right think that work not theory results action so if you go to lift free now org you will see our victories look at the victories of myself Peyman I'll beat the IRS and more importantly for your Moscow students have beaten IRS many many times check it out or yourself so if you have not been to our YouTube channel go check out the other videos we got and BlogTalkRadio watch our videos calm you go to our website and click on weekly calls you can go down to click on below the black area the creator writing they click on more shows more past shows will come up you can check them out to find the answers you're looking for so let's get on with this box with tonight's program and tonight is a very important topic because I know in the freedom movement a lot of you will talk about this issue this concept and that is should you respond to all of the letters that the IRS sent out because the IRS you know is a agency that says that a lot of letters and you know I believe in I've told you guys many times before I believe there's no law requiring the average America to file and pay the.

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