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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Which Form 944 Pr Wage

Instructions and Help about Which Form 944 Pr Wage

How do I register as an employer and pay unemployment taxes if you own a business whether large or small are a nonprofit organization or an individual who employs one or more main employees you will need to complete an employer registration application this application must be completed within 30 days of hiring workers and can be found online at WWF forward slash labor forward slash unemployment it is also the first step in obtaining a state unemployment account number you can also apply for an income tax withholding number with main revenue services with this online registration form not all firms or organizations are required to pay unemployment taxes certain conditions must first be met the first criteria that a main employer must meet is the payment of $1500 in wages in a calendar quarter or have a worker or workers for 20 weeks or more in a calendar year employers may also be liable if they meet one of these following criteria one are already liable to pay taxes under the federal unemployment tax few des to acquire the business from an employer who is already liable for unemployment insurance purposes 3 pay wages of $1,000 or more to a domestic worker in a quarter 4 have four or more employees working for some part of a day in 20 different weeks in a calendar year for a 501c3 entity 5 the payment of $20,000 or more in a calendar quarter or if you have 10 or more employees for 20 weeks in a calendar year for agricultural or aquacultural labor once a business is found subject to pay unemployment taxes the first quarterly filing of an employer quarterly tax and wage report or a 941 /c 1m e will be required these quarterly reports can be found on our web site at wwm ain gov forward slash labor forward slash unemployment after the first paper filing all returns must be filed online through main revenue services at HTTP colon slash slash portal dot main dot gov /c Q are your taxes will be debited out of the account you specify employer quarterly tax and wage reports must be filed timely or late filing fees and interest will be assessed returns are due within 30 days after the end of any quarter this means that the quarterly report for the first quarter of any year is due by April 30th for the second quarter the report is due by July 31st for the third quarter by october 31st and for the fourth quarter by January 31st some companies use independent contractors as their workers just because someone calls themselves an independent contractor does not mean that they are an independent contractor signing a contract does not necessarily mean a person is an independent contractor for purposes of unemployment tax often employers who mistakenly call an employee an independent contractor may be charged with misclassifying workers and could be subject to penalties if you use independent contractors in your business please visit our website HTTP colon slash slash main gov forward slash labor forward slash miss class forward slash legal dot s HTML or contact this department for guidance this website has a questionnaire available that will help you determine if your employees should be covered for unemployment insurance or if they are truly independent contractors once a business has been deemed an employer subject to unemployment tax for at least two calendar years its tax rate will be based on the amount of taxes paid over those two years - the benefits charge against its account divided by the average taxable wages for the last three years more information regarding registering as an employer paying unemployment taxes and worker miss classification can be found on our website at.

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