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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Which Form 944 Pr Valid

Instructions and Help about Which Form 944 Pr Valid

Music what's up guys how you doing today welcome back to this YouTube channel it's your guy eager here today I want to answer a question that I've been asked and what how can I convert my visitors who is a work permit or study permit into permanent residence now I mean asked by people how can I convert my visitors with into permanent residence cars alright so I want to explain this and a simple step there is no such thing as conversion alright there is actually a bunion look at that there is a rabbit look at this rabbit I don't know if you can see it you should be able to see it now look at this rabbit so there is no such thing as conversion for you to convert your visitors visa into anything else all this stuff is different so for example if you are coming to Canada and you want to convert here it's a different document alright so your visitor's visa is visitor's visa your work permit is work permit and study permit is a different document basically it's not an upgrade it's not like it's the same document on another level okay so visual reason is just for visiting purposes if you want to get a working visa you have to meet the criteria alright so for you in order for you to extend your stay in Canada or visitor's visa you have to meet one of the following criteria so to get it convert it into work permit you need to find an employer now employer in order for them because employer is not going to get you working means the extant government that issues a working work permit so basically you need to get yourself sponsored and the sponsorship works in such a way that your employer has to try and hire someone in Canada for three months and then they have to say to the government saying that there is no such person like for example you or me in Canada and I want to sponsor this person to stay in Canada alright and then the employer pays $1,000 fee and then wait if the government going to approve it now if government approves it it's good if government doesn't approve it then you are not getting that working visa okay other thing that you can do as well you're stating can you can get married all right and your wife can sponsor you your spouse can be husband or wife I'm saying why because I'm a guy so the spouse can sponsor you just like an employer but it's a little bit different but also a spouse has to show that has enough income to sponsor and support your immigration bla bla bla so that's another thing so if you're wanting to come here on a visitor's visa and find a job I'm telling you right now it's almost impossible now you have to have really really awesome karma you have to be in a really good relationship with God in order for him to get it done it is possible and this porcelain people have done it before but it's really really really really difficult alright another option you have is get your study permit so you come here on visitor's visa and then you get a study permit it's not an upgrade that's a different document you have to be enrolled to one of the colleges of universities pay the tuition and prove that you are going to be a student here and then you can get your study permit all right and with that thing you can study in Canada once you graduate from study in one or two year programs here is one year you're going to get one year working visa postgraduate work permit with two years you're going to get three years of postgraduate work permit all right so that's a different story once you graduate you can apply for work from in Canada approves it and again they might not approve it but the chances of them not approving it is really less 99.9 percent they would give you a work permit after your graduation all right so you're going to be totally fine how do you convert work permit into your permanent residence again there is no such thing as conversions a different document you can apply for your permanent residence from whichever state you are you can be not even in Canada you do not have to be in Canada in order for you to get your permanent residence to get your program presidents you can apply from your home country if you have enough points to immigrate you can apply right away through Express Entry and get it done six months without spending an extra dollar to come to kannur study in Canada now if you cannot do that for example I'll leave a link right under this video so you can see it you can go to the calculator see how much points you have checked the latest draw and see how much the latest draw was because it's like a lottery ticket for us see how much points you have and if you have enough points you can apply right away if you do not have enough points however they are looking at your first education experience in your home country and other stuff and they are looking at your English language so mainly your experience education and internet language these are the biggest things if you do not have enough points from that stuff then you can get education Canada that's going to give you one more point and then after you graduate from can you can get working visa and get Canadian work experience it's going to give you even more points now these dead points you might be eligible to get your permanent residence with all of your experience from home education.

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