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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Which Form 944 Pr Rico

Instructions and Help about Which Form 944 Pr Rico

Music I'm Lindsey Francis boom-bust here's what's coming up today more court drama for uber Europe's top court looks to deal the ride-sharing company a major regulatory blow and Verizon comes out on top the wireless company beats the competition in a bidding war to acquire straight paths for three billion dollars the power of a chief of staff sit I sit down with New York Times bestselling author Chris Whipple to discuss his new book the gatekeepers for a glimpse inside the White House through the eyes of several former Chiefs of Staff standbys boom buff starts right now Music a top European judge says the ride-sharing service uber is a transport company and could be required to obtain licenses and permits under national law in the 28 EU member states the case was brought to the European Court of Justice by a taxi company in Spain it claimed a Barcelona uber branch was engaged in unfair competition in a legal opinion delivered Thursday the judge said that uber in Barcelona was providing a comprehensive system for on-demand urban transport that can be regulated this means it could not be considered just an information society service as it refers to itself that would benefit from EU principles on the freedom to prservices such a pinions are non-binding but national courts have banned uber services in many other European cities and Verizon Communications is buying straight path' communications for about 3.1 billion dollars ending a big war with AT&T over the wire wireless licenses company the all stop deal was announced Thursday one month after 80 said that it would buy straight paths for 1.6 billion dollars ATT is declining to match that offer and Verizon will now pay thirty eight million dollars termination fees to AT&T on behalf of straight path strips households spectrum licenses which the telecom companies can use to expand services including faster 5g service 184 dollars per share a four hundred percent premium to straight paths closing price of $36 48 cents just before AT&T made it spit in April is what shareholders are getting the unsung heroes of pushing forward a particular president agenda is undoubtedly the chief of staff there are 17 chiefs of staff still living and my guest Chris Whipple offered details at their White House ten years the effect they had on the direction of our nation in his new book the gatekeepers how the White House chiefs of staff define every presidency take a listen to what he has to say so it all started with a phone call out of the blue from a filmmaker named Jules not day and he and his brother should you know asked me if I wanted to partner on a documentary about the White House Chiefs which we did in 2022 for discovery but I realized that it the documentary just barely scratched the surface of this incredible untold story of seventeen living White House Chiefs all of whom I interviewed who really make the difference between success and disaster for every presidency and it's an amazing story with an incredible cast of characters did you notice in your research that some of these people that have such a pivotal role didn't have a lot of experience at this level they may have been a surprise appointee and they were obscure before the post you know you know done wrong people forget that Don Rumsfeld was chief of staff to Jerry Ford back in the 70s his deputy was a guy named Dick Cheney 34 years old when he became White House chief of staff succeeding Rumsfeld and believe it or not back in those days Dick Cheney was the most popular guy in Washington he was self-effacing he had this great sense of humor he loved to do pranks the press corps loved him and ever since White House Chiefs have been looking at each other and saying what happened to that what happened well there are a lot of different area right now what in the heck hat there are a lot of different theories one one is that it was his heart condition Brent Scowcroft his best friend until Iraq when they had a falling-out thought it was Cheney's heart condition other people thought he went to the dark side as it were as there's the flick happens it's a head of Halliburton when he was CEO of Halliburton a Cheney says that you know he didn't change the world changed it was 9/11 and you know he's a party his party left him sort of at a concept yeah what about the big names that we all know aside from those to any surprising maybe misconceptions that the public had about them details you found out that we're a bit surprising that people might find in this book well you know Rahm Emanuel is obviously a famous of White House chief of staff I think it has his baby brought under Barack Obama and he was famously profane and he was a guy who would do anything to get the President's agenda accomplished I I had there's some great stories in the book about how he confronted Obama's a young speechwriter jon favreau and just started cursing him out and Favreau said this has never happened to me bark Obama never swore at me and I just turned around it at him and I said blank you and from that moment on we got we got along great you know ROMs bark was worse than his plight is what I'm saying and there are a lot of great stories about these are and this is a book not if not just of lessons about how to how to govern but it's a book about flesh and blood characters and and they're terrific characters it's personality so a when charged he charged back and gained some respect obscure names that aren't in the media like Immanuel Rumsfeld.

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