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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Which Form 944 Pr Premium

Instructions and Help about Which Form 944 Pr Premium

Music this week on marketplace getting posed at the pumps nearly chest are we being misled into spending millions we don't have to which gas is better for my car okay wasting money on gas most of our cars don't need oil companies are misleading drivers absolutely we put premium gas to the test and you won't believe what we find it's actually hurting the environment why are they selling people a kind of gas that they don't need we're cruising along the back roads of southwestern Ontario it's the marketplace cash challenge premium versus regular which one will come out on top stay tuned for the lowdown on high-octane Applause no matter what you put in your tank the price across the country is high too and for premium well you pay a premium as much as fifteen cents more per litre than regular we're at a gas station in Toronto's East End how you doing good asking couple questions gauging your gas buying habits what do you know about premium gas supposed to make it run better right brake cleaner supposed to be better for your car in terms of I know some additives or something that they put as like this seem to drive that home shell v-power our most advanced fuel ever making the pitch that premiums better for your car nitrenriched for optimum performance maximum protection now it's true that some car makers recommend putting premium fuel in their high-end models but what about most of us who drive regular cars do you ever buy premium gas sometimes a car did what snowball I do like to because they say it's better for the car who says yeah I don't know I guess just other people have worked at the gas stations and stuff have told me over the years it's better function this would be sane did it require premium you're correct I mean it's supposed to be better for the part it's a treat I get extra money I think will help with the premium today treating body and mind with care is at the center of coru a Brandis life she teaches yoga out of her home in East End Toronto a believer in the holistic approach even when it comes to buying gas as we learn when we first meet here at the pumps putting higher octane gas into her Honda Civic on the higher on the higher octane what what have you heard about premium gas I'm a yogi eco person so in my mind I don't know if it's true or not but in my mind I believe it's true that if I buy earth if I buy the higher grade gas it burns cleaner is she right we want to find out if premium gas really does all those wonderful things so we're doing three tests with a regular car does it run better go farther for a cleaner with premium the choice for our first experiment is shells premium v-power we're using this 2022 Chevrolet Cruze one of the best-selling passenger cars in Canada and our lab if you like is the Canadian automotive and trucking Institute in Cambridge Ontario party Stan fel is running our tests he's been an instructor here for more than 20 years how'd I do that's great thanks hey Marty Tom Harrington hey Tom how are you thanks for helping us out today we're and welcome ok let's see we're testing premium versus regular gas that's right what will this machine do what this machine is gonna do is we're going to measure the performance of the car by measuring the horsepower and the torque and see if there's any difference between regular fuel and premium fuel so what do you need me to do I'm going to strap down the car and then I need you to do 50 kilometres an hour okay and put it on the cruise control and we'll get some numbers here great let's do that our first test is looking at performance does the engine run better on premium we start by running the chevy cruze on regular gas what is this telling us about how the engine is performing on regular gas was telling us right now is that his taking this amount of horsepower to make these wheels turn and using up that much fuel we have our reading with the regular time to switch over now to the premium fuel yeah I was gonna say you fill er up they kept it empty it good point done that before so we drained the regular gas and put in the shell v-power premium we have premium gas in the car now so you expect any of those numbers to change I'm thinking this number here is gonna drop I'm not too sure about this number but I'm thinking this number here is gonna come in at a lower number and if it's a lower number that means what that means that the engines running more proficiently and doesn't need as much power to make it run the same speed okay because of the high test fuel what are we seeing we've seen the same numbers as before that's very interesting what do you make of it shouldn't the premium be lower number you would think what does that tell you I think what's happening here with the premium fuel running through here the computer of the car is compensating for that and it's going to give you the same numbers because that's what that engine was designed to do so proficiency and efficiency of the car by putting in premium or its desired regular octane it's negligible you won't see a difference that's right our test shows our regular car does not run better on premium car talk has been mark Winton second language since he was a boy today he's an automotive teacher and writes a blog on the car industry.

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