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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Which Form 944 Pr Payroll

Instructions and Help about Which Form 944 Pr Payroll

Hello there everyone I know you're probably happy to think they pay tax times over it's April 22nd I mean you know I follow my federal return maybe you have a state one let's do a little later so the states are or do after April 15 30 taped this year well you think everything's great well there's nine forty ones to be filed are you business owner do you have small business payroll vos I'm gonna help you out right now this is a 2022 payroll and Excel version your bi-weekly version we're going to go over I'm going to show you how we automatically generate the numbers for at 9:41 so that she can fill it out and send it off so this is the Beast that you have to deal with you have to deal with your 941 we're in 2022 probably q1 you're looking at right now because that's due when yeah that's due probably may 1st it's usually do about 30 days half at the end of the quarter that you're talking about so you have to fill out this information but let's not worry about the details of your personal company but let's talk about the numbers so their numbers how many employees were what were their wages and what's the difference between this number and what's attacks and all Social Security wage what's a taxable Medicare wage is there this money that's additional Medicare withholding if they make over 200 grand a year so they get over two hundred thousand dollars there's this I believe that's still there I mean you're on the 2022 form I think that the Republicans want to get rid of it and it might be going on eventually when they do text from but it's still there right now and no nurses know to do that where they mess around here and change them it has happened in the past so what are your tax is what you're just what did you pay you've gotta fill out this thing if you pay every month they have the total of a number here if you pay sending weekly there's a Schedule B - that's where you're going to fill out today that you read that payments so how do you make this easy and not annoying you and make sure you did it right well here the solution so the payroll scraps from payroll Excel files I've got for all kinds of different businesses at different states in tax situations I'm going to show you one that somebody who pays bi-weekly so every two weeks and it's in Ohio and they have situations where they have non-residents in this case these non-residents are j1 holders which are not subject to Social Security and Medicare so no that changes the way this covers you can really do anything with these files and I have Dave Chappelle and Omarosa because they're both from Ohio and I have their with their marital status I'm pretty sure out Marissa's married let's say she's not we're missing her you can add a lot of other personal information in here to keep track all right don't worry about it now their unemployment rates their workers comp rates this isn't really to showcase the file as much as it is to show you how to do 941 so assuming that dave chappelle work forty hours at 100 bucks an hour and maybe he's got a 1 billion dollar bonus for Netflix in March as he should for having the like height watch specials ever he's great I don't know when I'm arrested started before the Trump administration and she's probably making more in the 15 bucks bucks an hour so you can do things like pay stubs and let's talk about the 941 so this file we have on this 941 sheet is a way that you can fresh this and choose the quarter eater and just active employees and this thing's gonna fill itself out automatically I mean look at what we were looking at it right here we're saying where the number of active employees right there - it's counting up the number vacuum employees what are their wages the tip so what goes on I know this looks like the nine forty one sheet what goes on here is these are this is a pivot table that's summing up all the information from this here and in here there are many many many formulas that do all these equations to figure out exactly what taxable wages are for certain people and how much federal tax calculate and all this nonsense so that takes a long time to do and you don't have to do that and we have artificial intelligence and luckily we have people who have recorded algorithms of how to do this stuff and so we formulate it and this just becomes automatic what's your 941 going to be for q2 but--look QT these two things are connected the slicer right here for 1/4 is connect into this pivot table ring here and also connected to this two at the table right here so it's something of what your monthly payments are then in q2 you would pay $4,000 for you know here your wages it looks like these fell doesn't have any FICA base anymore for security all that we would for Medicare because he's over as $127,000 why because what happened because in q1 you made a million and so he you know this is the max that your Social Security come out of it's 127 thousand two hundred dollars with this system and with this way of altering things take away that million dollars and she it's more reasonable you just refresh and everything changes and you're all your information changes so this is the only one do number one if you want to copy this file there are many different versions of the file for pay.

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