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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Which Form 944 Pr Payroll

Instructions and Help about Which Form 944 Pr Payroll

Hello there everyone I know you're probably happy to think they pay tax times over it's April 22nd I mean you know I follow my federal return maybe you have a state one let's do a little later so the states are or do after April 15 30 taped this year well you think everything's great well there's nine forty ones to be filed are you business owner do you have small business payroll vos I'm gonna help you out right now this is a 2023 payroll and Excel version your bi-weekly version we're going to go over I'm going to show you how we automatically generate the numbers for at 9:41 so that she can fill it out and send it off so this is the Beast that you have to deal with you have to deal with your 941 we're in 2023 probably q1 you're looking at right now because that's due when yeah that's due probably may 1st it's usually do about 30 days half at the end of the quarter that you're talking about so you have to fill out this information but let's not worry about the details of your personal company but let's talk about the numbers so their numbers how many employees were what were their wages and what's the difference between this number and what's attacks and all Social Security wage what's a taxable Medicare wage is there this money that's additional Medicare withholding if they make over 200 grand a year so they get over two hundred thousand dollars there's this I believe that's still there I mean you're on the 2023 form I think that the Republicans want to get rid of it and it might be going on eventually when they do text from but it's still there right...