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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Which Form 944 Pr Partnership

Instructions and Help about Which Form 944 Pr Partnership

Music tell us your name and we'll tell you everything about your future soulmate who doesn't want a sneak peek of who the love of their life will be we're definitely all curious in that way but what if we said that you could find out a lot about your future life partner just through your name sounds intriguing right so grab a pen and a piece of paper because it's test time but before you learn about your soulmate click subscribe and turn on this little notification bell right here now you won't miss any of the fun news and exciting updates coming daily from the bright side of life now back to the test you'll have to answer a couple of simple questions about your name for each given answer you'll get 1 to 5 points so make sure you write down all of your results the rest is simple add up your points to learn the first letter of your future partner's name along with some other interesting details that's all for the instructions part so are you ready then let's get started question number 1 let's go back to the moment when your parents were trying to find the perfect name for you why did they choose the name you have now a it sounds really good with my last name so they decided it was a perfect match B they named me after a family member C my name has a beautiful meaning so that was the main reason D they chose this name because of their religion its traditional or they named you after a character from a movie or book II no specific reason they just liked the name Music if your answer is a write down two points if it's be your first result is five points you get four points four answer C and 3 points for answer D finally e gets you one point moving on question number two how long is your name a three letters or less be four to five letters C between six and seven letters D it has eight or nine letters e it's pretty long with more than nine letters okay so answer a gives you one point while answer B equals two points C gets three points and you get 4 points for D and last but not least E is a solid five point Music question number three what about the first letter of your name what is it a a j k N or X B B F L u z c c r v W or Y D D H o Q or s e e g i m p or t if it's one of the letters under option a you get one point the prize for answer B is five points C equals 3 points and D and E are four and two points respectively let's keep going question number four is your name popular a yeah it's really popular B it's quite popular see it's rather average D it's kind of unusual e it's really rare Music so if option a is perfect for you here's your one point if B is your go-to write down two points for this one C gives you three points and D and E equal four and five points respectively question number five do you have a nickname a yep I have more than one actually people rarely call me by my real name B I have one or two C sure I have one but only a few people call me by it D I have one but surprisingly people don't really call me by it E no not really if your choice is a it's five points answer B gives you four points C equals two points D equals three points and finally you get one point for E okay we think we already know the first letter of your soul mates name but we need a bit more information about you to figure out your partner's personality so let's get to this quick part question number six how do you feel about performing do you like dancing singing or acting a love it it's definitely something I'd love to do in the future B I'm really enjoy it yes see and that's so sure D I can do something like this but only with my friends by my side E and nope that's certainly not my cup of tea a stands for five points while B equals four points you can write down two points for C and 3 points for D e as usual gives you only one point question number seven what about math was it your best or worst subject at school a math comes naturally to me so I'm pretty good at it B that was all right not my strongest point but not my weakest one either see I hated math with all my heart I'm definitely a see if a describes you perfectly here's your 1 point B gives you three points and C provides you with a whole five points question number 8 how do you usually feel when you're watching a highly emotional movie a to be honest it's a real emotional roller coaster for me I cry when it's sad I laugh when it's happy and they get really invested in the story B I definitely feel for the characters follow the story carefully and shed a tear from time to time see it depends on the story but I'm usually good at being emotionally stable even during the sad scenes D I mostly appreciate the creative screenplay and amazing acting but I rarely get emotional II I'm not really that emotional sad movies rarely make me bawl my eyes out so for option a you're rewarded with five points B is the equivalent of three points C gives you four points and D equals two points if.

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