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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Which Form 944 Pr Blog

Instructions and Help about Which Form 944 Pr Blog

Music. Hi everyone and welcome to another video from Color with Claire. Since I did my Diamond Painting Beginners Tips and Tricks video, I've had an overwhelming response from an awful lot of colorists and others as well who didn't know anything about diamond painting and were really excited and intrigued to find another creative hobby that requires no skill whatsoever but produces beautiful results, just like coloring. I now know that there are a lot of colorists who hadn't heard of the hobby before, and they're now on their third, fourth, or fifth diamond painting. It's absolutely wonderful, and I will continue to scatter diamond painting videos on my channel because I know a lot of you want to see it. If it's something you don't want to see, then obviously there's all the other content that I do. But for those of you that are interested in the diamond painting videos, then I will be doing some more of them as time goes on. So first of all, I want to show you a quick diamond painting that I finished. I say quick, but it's taken me hundreds of hours to do and over 40,000 actual individual beads. But let me just get it away because it is massive. I finished it. Hopefully, it will show up now. Obviously, it's in a glass frame at the moment so you'll see my overhead light, but just to show you the sparkleiness of these beautiful diamonds. And every single one of them has been lovingly put down individually. And this is a 60 by 45 size. So I'm just gonna lay it on the desk and then I'll bring the camera back so that you can see all of it. It goes right down to the bottom with his guitar. Big...