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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Which Form 944 Pr Blog

Instructions and Help about Which Form 944 Pr Blog

Music hi everyone and welcome to another video from color with Claire so since I did my diamond paints in beginners tips and tricks video I've had an overwhelming response from an awful lot of colorist and others as well who didn't know anything about diamond painting and were really excited and intrigued to find another creative hobby that requires no skill whatsoever but produces beautiful results just like coloring and I know now that there are a lot of colorist who hadn't heard of the Hobby before and they're now on their third fourth fifth diamond painting so it's absolutely wonderful and I will continue to sort of scatter diamond painting videos on my channel because I know a lot of you want to see it if it's something you don't want to see then obviously there's all the other content that I do but for those of you that are interested in the diamond painting videos then I will be doing some more of them sort of as time goes on so first of all I want to show you a quick diamond painting that I finished I say quick it's taken me hundreds of hours to do and over 40,000 actual individual beads but let me just get it away because it is massive I finished no hopefully it will show up now obviously it's in glass frame at the moment so you'll see my overhead light but just to show you the spark cleanness of these beautiful diamonds and every single one of them has been lovingly put down individually and this is a 60 by 45 size so I'm just gonna lay it on the desk and then I'll bring the camera back so that you can see all of it so it goes right down to the bottom with his guitar big Elvis fans in this house so I can't wait to get that up on the wall it's not been painted yet that wall so waiting to paint it and then I'll be hanging it up and this particular diamond painting was from the store ever moment and I really wish that I could have done an unboxing of that but to be honest at the time it didn't occur to me to do one and then I just wanted to get into it really quickly and ended up you know just not filming it but the one that I'm gonna be showing you today is a diamond painting come through today here it is it's still in the bag I've not opened it still got my dress on the front so I'm trying not to show that on camera and this is from the shop on Aliexpress called hue akan now we're going to open it up on camera and I've also got a few accessories to show you as well we're gonna see first of all what the Huracan packaging looks like and if it's nice and durable and how the canvas looks if there's any bubbles etc and we'll also be looking at the quality of the drills and the quality of the symbols of their readable etc etc so let's get this open so I'm going to be really careful we've got this sort of plastic mailbag knife I'm being super careful not to puncture anything else within the package I wanted to see this first with you now the actual design that I chose is a custom design there are plenty of them and paintings that are pre done already pre em you know they've already on there you know there's a picture of a tree or you know whatever but this is a custom so I've actually spent a photograph in to Hue account and they have created this diamond painting as a custom round so here we are this is the box that it comes in it's a little bit battered and bashed just on the edges but I suppose you'll come to sort of expect that when you're in a when it's in a small cardboard box and it's traveling from far afield so we've got diamond painting we've got the instructions here they're in English check the tools canvas and diamonds whether they're matching ensure these adhesive strength of canvas please rip the protective film one by one use tweezers to put the Diamonds on obviously that's optional and yeah then the frame it so that is the box same all the way around it's quite a pretty box see exactly what's inside so first of all we've got the drills so these I think that yeah I think that's all the drills and they come in this big polythene wrapper open and then each of the colors are in individual ziplock bags so just wrap this one you see it's an individual ziplock it's got the DMC number 382 on there and then whatever number this is and I'm just looking at the drills quickly just to see what they look like and to me they look pretty darn perfect obviously I have to go through them with a bit more of a fine-tooth comb but they they look pretty good so far I'll put those to one side for now so every single diamond painting comes with a little set of tools like this and quality varies between sellers so let's have a look what we've got so we have our drill tray where you empty your beads and then shake them out so that they sit nicely in between these grooves we've got the tweezers these look very very similar to the ones that ever moments and in their package they're really really good quality quite heavyweight tweezers and they have the needle nose tip we've then got some red wax that we use inside our drill pen to pick up all of our little beads and we have two different tops so we've got what looks like a nine.

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