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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Which Form 944 Pr Attach

Instructions and Help about Which Form 944 Pr Attach

This is actually a highly requested video from a number of you that have asked me repeatedly to kind of do a hair tutorial well I I don't feel that I have the knowledge or the skills to do a truly hair tutorial but since the question has come up repeatedly to show how I use and apply my fake hair pieces when I put my hair up how am i doing that so that's what this video is all about and maybe a little bit of me rambling cuz sudhi did to my neck can you see that I caught my neck but anyways I digress so if you're interested in seeing how I do my sort of casual and very very casual updo stay tuned okay let's get at it so first things first and it mentioned this many many times in the past I buy most of my hair pieces either in Sally's or Ulta I am lucky enough that I can usually get a hair piece that matches my own hair pretty well so I like to have the straighter wrap as you can see here this is a straight A Wrap look and I like this one a lot and this is the same thing except that this was a full of packages that's in a white and a full of package and sometimes you can get a double which I really like because often times you can apply two of these so these are two that are this is sort of my backup stash I keep these in my bag because I don't use them until I'm not going to use them until my other ones have kind of worn out or I feel they're to trash you to continue to use these the ones and Sally's that I bought are a more of a curlier and when you use these hair pieces depending on the look you're trying to create if it's a real formal look I'm gonna go with the curly or one as opposed to the straighter one but if it's a more casual kick back relax I just want to throw my hair up I'm gonna use the straighter ones for sure though my preferred ones that I used to go to work and usually I do have a couple of the curly ones they look like this I normally will manipulate these pieces before I attach them in other words I have a pick something with more of a wide tooth and I kind of manipulate the curls a little bit you have to be really careful with these because these curly ones if you combed them out too much they'll get a real frizzy look as you can see so you know they're not made I mean they're they're probably I probably paid on sale at Sally's with my hairdressers discount I mean I paid probably about twelve dollars or something like that so I bought two of them and the curly ones and you can see when you're looking at the package is whether curlier or whether they're straighter and there are a really good variety of colors there's some really blonde blonde colors and then there's some you know darker Browns and and dreads and stuff like that so they really have a great great variety so this would be for more of a formal look for me but usually during the week when I'm going to work I'm going to do something like you're seeing right now I've already kind of casually and I use the invisible Abhi's or any other type of an elastic when I pull my hair up now my hair is shorter in the back so I usually have a lot of fall out and I just turn so you can kind of like see what I've done so this is I just pulled up and it's in an invisible body and I've done nothing else to it so if I want to have a real casual look I'll take these these are all this sort of scrunchie style so they're elastic so I will take this after I've manipulated the hair this is the straighter one not the curly or one and I will put it around my hair I'll pull it through double it sort of so to speak and you can almost immediately see the look that I have got now I have not played with it because I didn't double over my own natural hair my own natural hair is sticking out straight so you usually have to look in the mirror to see how it looks in the back to see whether I need to fold it in to see what I need to do and I am perfectly content with this look just the way it is for me to go out today very casual go to work this is the look now the way I would normally finish it is I have several I have several hair clips claw clips there are some that are a flatter or that are a little bit more comfortable but I have several I have larger ones I have smaller ones I have several of these so normally I would be taking a hair clip whichever one I want and I would go up like this know if you can see it and I pull my own hair up and I would bring this close to the top you don't have to do this but usually when I do that it's sort of like finishes my look it does look like I have a claw clip holding it all up yeah I mean right now it's a little bit messy but I also like to have more of my bangs in the front when I pull my bangs off my forehead it's much more of a stark look so I will take some bobby pins I will.

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