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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Which Form 944 Pr Attach

Instructions and Help about Which Form 944 Pr Attach

This is actually a highly requested video from a number of you that have asked me repeatedly to kind of do a hair tutorial well I I don't feel that I have the knowledge or the skills to do a truly hair tutorial but since the question has come up repeatedly to show how I use and apply my fake hair pieces when I put my hair up how am i doing that so that's what this video is all about and maybe a little bit of me rambling cuz sudhi did to my neck can you see that I caught my neck but anyways I digress so if you're interested in seeing how I do my sort of casual and very very casual updo stay tuned okay let's get at it so first things first and it mentioned this many many times in the past I buy most of my hair pieces either in Sally's or Ulta I am lucky enough that I can usually get a hair piece that matches my own hair pretty well so I like to have the straighter wrap as you can see here this is a straight A Wrap look and I like this one a lot and this is the same thing except that this was a full of packages that's in a white and a full of package and sometimes you can get a double which I really like because often times you can apply two of these so these are two that are this is sort of my backup stash I keep these in my bag because I don't use them until I'm not going to use them until my other ones have kind of worn out or I feel they're to trash you to continue to use these the...