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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing When Form 944 Pr Withholding

Instructions and Help about When Form 944 Pr Withholding

Heisenberg here with disgruntled veteran since today is April 15 2022 I've decided to show and tell everyone how to keep your employer from taking out federal income taxes from your paycheck you may ask yourself why would you want to do that but if you're like me and you're tired of corrupt politicians who get paid off our tax dollars who retire on our tax dollars whom don't work for us or maybe you're tired of the eight hundred billion dollars that the taxpayers gave the big banks back in 2008-2022 what about eighty billion dollars a year in corporate tax subsidies like Walmart for instance they get six billion dollars a year in tax breaks but yet a lot of their employees aren't on welfare and who finds welfare the taxpayers what about seventy billion dollars a year in religious tax breaks a lot of religions a lot of churches they get collectively about seventy billion dollars a year in free tax giveaways and tax breaks are 700 billion dollar a year defense budget you take the next 13 countries and combine them 700 billion dollars is way more than the next 13 countries combined and that includes China and Russia our maybe we are upset that we're giving Israel 4 billion dollars a year just for being my friend also if you're like me you're tired of the endless wars I believe we spent almost 6 trillion dollars in Iraq Afghanistan Syria Libya all those places and what did that six trillion dollars get us a lot of roads and bridges that are busted and what happened so without further ado by changing your w-4 most people will have their dependents at zero or at one depending on how many children you got will depend on how many more dependents you have some people like to put zero exemptions so they get a bigger tax refund or they get a bigger refund come tax season they think it's like a savings account or what have you so the more money they take out the bigger check out get tax season but if you're like me you I want to pay less taxes the more the money that the government has of mine that means I can put it to use investing buying things what have you but it's my money so I use it when I want to instead of waiting for the government to cut me a check so you claim one or two whatever you get less and less taxes taken out as you can see here this is my paycheck from a year ago January 1st 2022 and I've claimed one exemption and they took out the full amount of taxes so what I decided to do was is I changed it to ten exemptions and when I changed it to ten exemptions they took less taxes out but for some reason they screwed up they were supposed to take all the tax or not take any taxes out for federal income so they reimbursed me differences from the previous period and so when I raised it to ten they technically were supposed to take zero taxes out but they took some out anyways so then I ended up changing it to 20 and when I changed it to 20 exemptions they took zero taxes out as we can see here now they took zero taxes out and this is all the taxes I paid for the year of 2022 here's my pay stub from September and still zero federal withholding tax so after a year I only paid three hundred and seventy four dollars and eighty-eight cents and federal taxes after I changed my w-4 now I know there are some people that are saying that oh it's against the law you can't do that and some employers may even try to scare you by saying you may have to pay a $500 penalty or that you make statements or claim withholding allowances on your w-4 that reduce amount of tax withheld or you have no reasonable basis for those statements or allowances at the time you prepare your form w-4 well a reasonable basis is the thing that I mentioned before corporate tax subsidies Corp religious tax subsidies the 700 billion dollar a year defense budget the endless wars the reckless politicians who aren't working for the people so and what's interesting is is even though the employers they try to scare you into not changing your w-4 to make false statements if you look at an actual w2 right here this is my w2 from my employer from last year and nowhere on here does it ask you how many dependents you had it just shows how much you made and then how much tax you take out so when you go to pay the the IRS or whomever you're gonna have do your taxes when you go pay out of your own pocket to have the somebody file your taxes they're just gonna look at how much taxes you paid and how much you made and then they're gonna assess well you only really need to claim one so they're gonna adjust it right then and there for you so then you're gonna have to cut the IRS a check or if you're like me you can just a say hey you keep screwing with my money you keep blowing it I don't think you deserve my money anymore so you just stop paying if 100 million Americans just stop paying their taxes let's say average - that everybody pays $2,000 a year in taxes 100 million Americans that would be 2 trillion dollars that the government wouldn't get that means politicians that means these wars that means bombing Syria that means everything would have to come crashing to a halt until they fix something so my advice is to claim 10 on your w-4 pay zero federal income.

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