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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing When Form 944 Pr Wages

Instructions and Help about When Form 944 Pr Wages

Applause what's up guys how are you doing today welcome back to this YouTube channel it's your yeah what's up guys okay so we are here to talk about engineers and engineering career in Canada so we are going to be talking about provinces industry stop industries that are demanding occupation and certifications wages and all that in this short video guys so right when you come to Canada it's not going to be very easy and it goes without saying so you need to start from the very beginning absolutely that means you need to start from the lowest possible position in your company if you don't have much experience or the kind of knowledge to be a professional engineer in Canada yeah and if your certification or your education back home is not recognized in Canada you would have to do whatever it takes to get recertified to get that approved in Canada so you can start working as an engineer because if you didn't study here you are you're in trouble because you would have to kind of find that recognition guys and prove that you're an engine proper engineer in Canada by doing all the certifications we're going to talk about engineering friends as to what they did from day one when they landed in Canada and now as to what exactly they are doing and this video is also based about a little bit of our research so you engineers it's good news for you basically Canada has added 7,000 jobs this year in 2022 and basically it's one of the biggest sector that's growing and the main cities in Canada of course the provinces as I promised you guys at the beginning is Toronto Montreal Edmonton and Calgary so basically Ontario Quebec and Alberta and after that maybe BC but we will leave them alone for now guys okay guys now Nitra is going to tell you a little bit about engineering certification guys as you know you are new in a country right so basically some or usually most of time your certifications and your qualifications your degrees might not be recognized in this new country so what you gotta do you gotta tell what you gotta do you need to get some more certifications which is basically like Six Sigma lien certifications you know green belt black belt even pea engineering that means if once you get the engineering you will get yourself recognized and do your work as a professional engineer EMP guys so I'm here using this opportunity to show off so I do have PMPs project management professional you can check my certificate online it is valid all right the PMP is project management professional very good certification for engineers if you're in the United States it pays you even more so if you have this usually it means that you're going to make closer to a thousand per year so we are going to tell you a little bit about wages here right now so what do you think you can expect and Canada guys Canadian jobs they're paying pretty well but for engineers so if you're deciding to go for engineering or business degree while watching this video I say go for engineering because business you can always get it right you know you can always become a business person but engineer it pays you more maybe 15% more maybe more so it starts anywhere from fifty two thousand dollars two hundred and ten thousand dollars in average for engineering jobs in Canada and that basically goes up with your experience so if you have let's say about five to six years of experience you are looking basically somewhere about 75 to 80 thousand and up and a certification so if you have certifications like such just to show off again guys PMP you get paid more what was the research about 30% will it on a PMP website BMI project management institute so you can read this certification you don't have to be in Canada to do it it's worldwide recognized for example if you would do this and I'm not trying to promote this guys but I'm just trying to show off in this video and now Iger is going to talk about top industries that you would want to look for jobs number one my favorite guys the favorite industry Pro you're going to love this industry it's government industry so you can get yourself a job working for the government for example if you were working for city of calgary very good jobs there is lots of construction going on so what happens is you're going to be working on government projects that they have or some process improvement there are many different fields of engineering where you can work and of course they really like me MP certification not to promote or anything PMI guys the other industry that you're going to why is manufacturing industry it's very popular especially in eastern Canada Ontario specifically because there is lots of manufacturing plants and lots of things that you can work there for okay so if we are in Calgary or in Edmonton basically anywhere in Alberta the basic two industries that you would want to look for is construction and oil and gas as you know Calgary Calgary itself is the big international hub for oil and gas so if you are an engineer say environmental planner or geophysicist something related to engine environment something related to oil and gas you know you would really shine here in Alberta and if you are into consulting regardless which prevents your ad you're going to get good money if you know those companies turns me on KPMG and those big giant in consulting there is also a room for engineers for sure guys okay now we are going to talk about our friends so one of my friend who came from India he's.

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