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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing When Form 944 Pr Valid

Instructions and Help about When Form 944 Pr Valid

Music Applause Music Music hey guys hope you are doing great if you want to apply for Canadian permanent residency and trying to find out what immigration programs you can apply for then this video is for you guys as you know guys there are so many different ways to get the Canadian permanent residency but I will cover some of the most common and easiest ways okay guys here are some of the pathways that we are going to discuss in this video first his family sponsorship if you are a Canadian permanent resident or citizen and want to sponsor your family member then this is for you second is Express Entry it is a point base system next is the Provincial Nominee program PNP allow Canadian provinces to nominate individuals and who wish to immigrate to Canada and who are interested in settling in a particle province then Kos wpq back skilled further program offers immigration to skilled or semi skilled people to the Kubik region in Canada startup visa Canada startup visa program targets immigrant entrepreneurs with skills and potential to build business in Canada next is investor program it offers the immigration if you invest certain amount of money in Canada final pathway is self employed self employed people in cultural activities artists performers magicians can apply for this program okay so let's talk more about test equivalency chart the chart shown here is the conversion of CLP level two I'll score however to be eligible for permanent resident an applicant can give Al's or sell pip to assess English skills in English language and te actor for French language in short you are free to give any of the exam however in this video I will be more focusing on English since most of people are comfortable with odds also guys sell peep is conducted in Canada only so people in Canada on birth study or any other legal visa can give sell sell people okay so let's start with the family sponsorship guys a Canadian PR or citizen may be able to sponsor spouse or common-law partner parents grandparents who want to become permanent resident of Canada for example if you get married to a permanent resident or Canadian citizen you comes under family sponsorship and it is the easiest way in terms of eligibility okay parents and grandparents you can apply permanent residency for them so for that you have to submit an application to CIC that you want to sponsor your parents and or grandparents CIC will randomly select an invite potential sponsor to move further and it's an online system also guys a frequent question asked by so many of my friends is that can a Canadian PR or citizen sponsor his or her brother-sister nephew niece etc answer is no you cannot so let's say you are a Canadian PR and you want to sponsor your brother or sister no you cannot sponsor them directly so what does that mean is like there are some benefits to have have you know having your brother or sister as a Canadian PR one example is in Express Entry there are additional points if your brother or sister is living in Canada as a permanent resident or citizen under this program however you can sponsor them in case their parents are deceased and they are under 18 years of age and not married okay so user processing time for this family sponsorship is 12 months next is Express entry the Express entry system is undoubtedly the most popular way of getting PR in Canada nowadays it's a point based system that reviews and select the candidates based on their submitted GOI expression of interest in the system it mainly invites skilled workers semi skilled workers and offered TR visa in Canada to the selected selected candidates you apply for Express entry based on your profile the system determines your eligibility for one of the program for example if someone is working in Canada from past year the person is skilled worker so then the system will decide the person can apply PR in CEC Canada experience class or comes under a festively federal skilled worker program Express entry man manages applications for three economic immigration programs as you can see on the screen first first is federal skilled worker program FS WP FSDB fat-assed a trade program and then CEC Canadian experience class okay guys so let's talk about fsw federal skilled worker program currently Canada has huge demand for skilled and experienced professionals and this is what makes their festively by far the most popular and fastest immigration pathway to Canada some examples of skilled workers are managers doctors architects or engineers industrial engineers registered nurses etc important to note no job offer that is required from any Canadian employed so you should have at least one year of experience no job offer is required the experience that you gain it should be a paid work then there is a minimum minimum language level of C lb7 if we convert it to Al's it will be six for reading listening writing speaking for each section so it it's like six band at least six bands for each section the work experience that you have it should be in the same type of job as your primary and OSI National Occupational classification within the last ten years and you have to check if your if your job title is comes under and now see list the processing time for this program is guys one to six months so there even though if you apply it from India you I see some of people who get this you know get the pr under this program in two months one month and some for some it took like four to five months one another very important thing guys if you meet all these requirements then you are eligible to create your express entry profile.

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