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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing When Form 944 Pr Isnt

Instructions and Help about When Form 944 Pr Isnt

Traditionally filers used to prepare forms 941 940 or 944 on paper sign and Mail the document to the IRS now you can just efile the forms with this option you are required to pran e5 pin which can be either a 10 digit or five digit number these digits are signed by the IRS and just like a signature on a paper form they verify the responsible party preparing the return it's important to note that the e-file pin and the 4 digit EFTPS pin are not the same thing they are two separate pins and cannot be used interchangeably as stated earlier the e-file pin can be either 10 digits or 5 digits depending on your filing status if you are filing 94 X for your company you will need the 10 digit if you are filing on behalf of a client you will have the choice of either using your clients 10 digit or using your own 5 digit number once you know which pin you need you can proceed to apply for one with a smart payroll not only can users efile forms they can also apply for a 10 digit pin for free under main menu choose the option pin application for 9 49 41 9 44 and click apply fill in the required information and add your application to the shopping cart for checkout remember the application is free of charge once you have finished you will receive an order number for your submission and you can review the application by going to e-file status on the left hand menu a smart payroll will send the application to the IRS for review the entire process may take two weeks once the application is approved the IRS will mail you a letter containing the e-file pin with an acknowledgement receipt which you will need to sign and return to the IRS for activation once the pin has been activated you can begin to e-file if you are a CPA applying a 10 digit PIN for client you may need to verify if your client has received these letters if you are a reporting agent who needs a five digit PIN you will need to 1 submit a list containing the name and FBI n of your clients and to submit form 8 6 5 5 for each of your clients on the list you can find this form on the IRS website sometimes you may not receive a letter or the letter may indicate that your application was rejected if this occurs you may need to contact the IRS and verify the application if you need to reapply the application please contact us and we will reopen it.

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