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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing When Form 944 Pr Blog

Instructions and Help about When Form 944 Pr Blog

Have you ever seen a dark house that looked completely empty that kind of house can look especially spooky at night well those kinds of houses inspire scary stories especially around Halloween Halloween as you may know is celebrated on October 31st it's a holiday that encourages us to be silly and scary all at once whether you're watching this video in October or not I hope you enjoy the reading it's a description of a house that is empty of people but full of secrets oral reading fluency practice text 21 if only walls could talk do you know what synonyms are they're words that have a similar meaning in the reading you'll see an example whole and entire are synonyms they both refer to all parts of a group also there are two interesting expressions first a room a place or a group of people can fall quiet this means it suddenly becomes quiet second sometimes we wish we had all the information about a situation we wish we knew every detail so we say if these walls could talk or a variation like if only walls could talk why because we'll see and hear everything they hold our secrets listen for these words and expressions let's read together this first time I'll read aloud and you read silently the house had stood for more than a century and there wasn't anything modern about it old was only one word to describe the place among the local people the house was the subject of much talk and wonder years ago the farm served a family well one couldn't pass the property without noting its beauty then one day the entire family was gone yet many things remained it was so sudden that the whole situation raised questions the...