Video instructions and help with filling out and completing When Form 944 Pr Adjustments

Instructions and Help about When Form 944 Pr Adjustments

Of course but these guns are unloaded first thing you should always check dealing with any firearms check and see whether or not it's loaded one of the big differences I noticed when these two guns is that powerful it's really tough I know that's been I'll call playing a lot of people this one this was not nearly as bad to pull back they've got a pretty tough trigger pool I found a simple fix I've taken apart other simple shot shotguns that were held together primarily by pins they were an absolute nightmare to get back together I decided take this gun apart and see what I could do about lightening up the hammer and sugar pool and it turns out it's really really simple all you need to do this is a number two phillips screw driver and a three sixteenths flat a thirteen millimeter socket with a six inch extension start by taking off the web plate we've got two Phillips screws there's a 13 millimeter bolt on the inside the mainspring is a flat spring and it's held in place by this screw a small flathead screw right here you can actually a duck adjust tension on it just by loosening that screw little bit this is something you definitely don't want to take too far because if you lighten up your hammer pull too much it won't strike the primer hard enough to set the shell off that's the big difference right there just a little bit sugar still a little step but it's not nearly as bad as what it was well there's an easy fix to the heavy hammer and heavy trigger on these Hatfield shotguns if you decide to do that doing at your own risk I accept no responsibility I don't have a trigger pull gauge I wish I did let y'all know how much of a difference that actually made it made quite a difference trigger and hammer feel a whole lot better than they did originally really the only problem that I could see happening is if you loosen that screw too much and you have a failure to fire which could be dangerous if you have an undetonated shotgun shell that the problem has been dented on but not enough to be fired thank you all for watching and we'll see you next time.

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