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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing What Form 944 Pr Wages

Instructions and Help about What Form 944 Pr Wages

Music hello and welcome to another episode from fleshes well YouTube videos and jobs and careers my name is Rita and today we'll be discussing about highest paid jobs you can do from home if you hate getting up and going to office and looking for an alternative we have prepared for you the highest paid jobs you can do from home the nine-to-five behind the desk shedule is not the only works fuel you can have working from home getting more popular among the young people but don't imagine that you can do all type of work from home and earning big money that's why we have a list with the home jobs that are higher speed first graphic designer if you have a good eye on what's appealing to a customer what would look good together and you can draw then why don't you become a graphic designer you can work in any kind of domain you want like marketing technology commercial industries and others right from your home of course you might have to meet clients but you can do pretty much everything from whom such as decide on the designers guidelines conduct the research you need draw improve to design the median salary is 2.5 lakh per annum next public relations specialist if you like talking people and know how to turn a negative thing into something positive then a public relations specialists might be the perfect job for you a PR job is to generate positive publicity for their clients and make the public reputation as good as it gets an important part of a public relations specialist is knowing how to use social media such as Facebook Twitter Linkedin the platform's because they are working close to bloggers journalists and media the median salary is 3.1 lakh per annum third writers and authors bloggers authors journalists they are all writers in different ways and if you decide to take this path you can work from home for sure there is no need to explain why novel authors can totally work from home that is kind of self-explanatory right you can write whenever you feel inspired to because it's your story you can publish it at anytime you want that is if you publisher doesn't pressurize you the median salary is 3.3 lakh per annum now four days post-secondary teacher post-secondary teachers are those lucky ones who can stay at home drink their coffee and tutor students through the internet they can communicate with people all over the world and give them advice using video conference phone call or email making an easier and more convenient for both themselves and the student if you have great online communication you know your way around the internet and you have a good teaching skills our post-secondary teacher might be your dream job the median salary is 3.5 lakh per annum now the fifth s market and survey researcher a job requires you to analyze and study market conditions for the companies in order to improve the effectiveness of their marketing and business strategies you can do a lot of things right from your home but the job may require to work full business hours so it's only your employee to decide the median salary is 3.1 lakh per annum sixth is computer software engineer commonly trained in different technologies computer software engineers are really paid well even if they work from home they usually report their work back to a team or management structure if you decide to follow this job you'll create packets software in custom IDE application some of these certification programs to become a computer software engineer including Cisco or Microsoft training the median salary is 4.8 lakh per annum 7 is physician and radiologist again probably you're as surprising as nursing being a physician or a radiologist working from home as possible working from home will require file review such as completing peer reviews writing reports or authorization the median salary is 9.5 lakh per annum fresh as well is the number one job portal dedicated to fresher job hiring and it's been a constant and they've here to make India a hundred percent employed please register to www.freshersworld.com because your dream job is just a click away we'd like to hear your feedback on the videos that we upload also you can write to us about the topics you would like us to discuss about for more videos please like and subscribe to freshersworld videos and jobs and careers we'll be back with more videos on interesting topics thank you Music.

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