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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing What Form 944 Pr Veterans

Instructions and Help about What Form 944 Pr Veterans

And here to tell us more about those 47 secret veteran benefits for seniors is Air Force veteran and author MS victoria Collier how are you Victoria good good welcome thank you so much oh thank you so let's go ahead and get this party started shall we sure okay so many attorneys that are as passionate about what they do as you are how did you know that this was the type of clientele that you wanted to work with well it started off first of all I used to be a nurse's aide in a nursing home and working with the senior citizens hands on and then after spending six years in the active-duty Air Force when I became a lawyer I still wanted to work with seniors and it was wonderful that I could blend that with my veteran experience and work with War two veterans and Korean veterans so it just was a natural fit awesome okay now we obviously don't have enough time to go through all 47 benefits and and of course you want people to buy the book so if we told them all the answers they would Amaya right right right all right so let's just take a look at one and run through it to give our audience an idea of what to expect from your book okay okay sure so let's start with them since I know we have a number of World War two veterans listening let's talk about the monies that World War two and Korean wartime veterans can get to pay for private health care at home or in assisted living facilities the most unfamiliar benefit that's out there that veterans of wartime service can receive is called a pension and there's three different levels of that...

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