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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing What Form 944 Pr Valid

Instructions and Help about What Form 944 Pr Valid

Hey guys do you want to apply for Australian permanent residency but not sure how much money would it actually cost you in this video I'm gonna answer that I'll tell you the total cost of application of Australian PR how much money would doesn't actually cost any different steps of the complete process I'll also tell you how much money will it cost you if you are applying as a single applicant if you are applying with the spouse or are you applying with the kids so if you're interested stay tuned hello everybody this is chute aren't you from dream applaud if you want to immigrate to Canada or Australia without paying hefty fee to the consultants please visit my channel I've got so many videos on the immigration process of both of these countries I also upload videos almost every day now so if you haven't subscribed my channel yet please subscribe it right now so that you don't miss any of those videos okay so before I proceed with this video let me tell you about the other video that I just posted three weeks ago it was about the step-by-step process so in this video I'll breakdown the total cost of the application into those steps that I explained in that video I'll provide the link to that video in the description box below if you want you can check it out okay so I in that video divided the complete process into five steps the first step was checking the eligibility the second step was the English test the step third was skill assessment the fourth step was the expression of interest the fifth step was submitting application and after that you are granted DPR so now let's talk about the cost in each step the first step which is the eligibility check it is free of cost you can go online and you can check if you are actually eligible or what chances they hold for getting the australian PR i made a separate video for it and provide the link to that video as well in the description box you can check it out okay step two English test now there are five different tests that you can choose from Isles TOEFL IBT pre te academic Cambridge Assessment English or occupational English test now I checked almost all of these different tests the cost for all of them is almost same they differ a bit but not much now because actually might differ from one country to the other so I have tried to list down the costs in the Australian dollars because it's a video for the Australian PR so for the primary applicant it would cost you something around 250 Australian dollars similarly if you have a spouse as well who's also applying in that case same amount for the spouse as well and for children's non-required okay now I'm moving on the next step the third step which is skill assessment so there are different organizations which actually do the skill assessment so the first one is the Australian Computer Society not the first one actually it is just one of them which does the skill assessment of the computer engineers and software engineers so for the ACS actually this is the fee structure so actually would be end up you would be ending up spending around $500 for Vitas s it is around thousand dollars so this is the exact screen shot taken from their respective websites similarly it is you know it lies from $500 to $1,000 for the other organizations for the other skill assessment organisations as well like the Medical Board of Australia engineers Australia and the others as well if you want you can you know check out which occupation do you actually belong to which is the respective scale organization and check out the exact amount for that and calculate your your cost accordingly now the step for which is the expression of interest now logging expression of interest is also freest cost so you need not worry about it you can log the expression of interest you don't have to pay anything for making your Aoi okay moving on step finds submitting the application now here is the point will actually pay the maximum amount this is the visa fee actually which you're now paying so the visa fee is a more or less same for all the difference of classes for 199 or 190 and also for 489 which is the temporary visa okay all the provisional visa actually so it is actually three thousand seven hundred fifty five Australian dollars for the primary applicant and for the spouse it's actually one 875 Australian dollars and also for the kids on the night under 18 years of age it's around 940 Australian dollars now apart from this you need to pay for state sponsorship if you're getting a state nomination and for that it will be around 200 Australian dollars to 3 in industry in dollars it does vary from one state to the other so you have to check your respective state for the exact cost also you'd be ending up spending money for the police clearance now it is required for the primary applicant and the spouse however it may differ from one country to the other but just a rough estimate it might cost you for around ten Australian dollars if you are residing in just one country if you're residing in the other countries as well it will cost you more and now in the past like let's say two years you if they're in the other country it would cost you more okay medical certificate it would cost you around hundred Australian dollars for each applicant now politically and certificate was not for the children however the medical certificate is for the children as well so yeah you would end up paying $300 allowance $300.

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