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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing What Form 944 Pr Includes

Instructions and Help about What Form 944 Pr Includes

Welcome to the 1099 ATC program this tutorial covers the setup for non reporting agents for a filing the 941 940 and 944 forms in a MSP role prior to e filing for the first time there are certain requirements that need to be completed each company is required to have an e file signer pin and an account for e file services must be set up this includes a username and password which will be used to log in to a secure connection to transmit the data and if the tax payment is included in the e file of payers bank account must be set up if you are not a reporting agent an e files on your pin must be acquired prior to e-filing the 941 940 and 944 forums make sure there is plenty of time to file for these pins since the forms cannot be filed without them this will need to be done for every company in order to e-file the forums once the IRS approved the e-file signer pin it will be mailed to the company that requested the pin once they receive the ten digit pin it will need to be entered on the Pierce general information screen you can request the e-file signer pin and a MSP roll to begin open the payer in a MSP role select payer and then payor edit fill out the payers information including the document signer information click request pin when the process is complete click continue the first time e-file services is accessed you will need to set up an account the account information is used to create a login to the e-file services system the login information is based on the person using efile services all red fields are required other fields are optional enter the required information we recommend that you check remember password otherwise you will be prompted during the process for the password click Submit click OK when the account is created clicking start will submit the information for the pin request to e-file services click start to continue at this point if there were errors in the request you would need to correct them and resubmit click okay the pain request is now being submitted to the IRS for processing and the batch status will need to be monitored you will need to check the batch status in case the request is rejected to check the status open the payer in AMS payroll and select pair and then e-file services if it is rejected you will need to correct the information and resubmit when the pin request is accepted and approved a letter will be mailed to the company this may take days or even weeks once it is received you will need to enter it on the Paris general information screen close the e-file er when the pin is received open the payer in a MSP role select payer and then payor edit enter the pin which should be 10 digits in the e-file pin box click OK lastly if you want to include the tax payment with the 941 e-filing you will need to set out the banking information for the pair in a MSP role select pair and then pair edit click the check MICR tab on the check maker screen the only items that need to be entered for tax payments are the nine digit routing number and the account information to enter the account information click Edit enter the account information the nickname should be something that identifies this particular bank account click OK you are now ready to e-file the 941 940 and/or 944 forms please review the e-filing instructions for the forms for more information for further questions please review the frequently asked questions on the AMS website or refer to the help files for additional information technical support can be reached by email fax chat or phone thank you for using the 1099 etc program have a great day.

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