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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing What Form 944 Pr Blog

Instructions and Help about What Form 944 Pr Blog

Today we're switching it up I know this week we kind of shared a little bit behind the scenes in my life but today I want to give you access to a presentation that I gave just a few months ago at a mastermind field of Fitness entrepreneurs this presentation will show you how you could sell anything to anybody the best part it could work for phones selling it could work for writing sales pages if you work for webinars selling it works for any type of sales so it's a little bit longer of a presentation today I think it times it in like some like 40 somewhat minutes so I hope you have some time suicide to watch this I know you're gonna dig it so take a look right now today we're going to talk about how to turn more people into customers and what's interesting is I'll never forget the first time I realized that the way you say something and the way you present something to someone can have a drastically different impact and how they receive it then this one instance about ten years ago I remember I was well I was working for a fortune 100 company and I was like 23 years old I went into my boss's office and I had this great idea every month I had to create this dumb sales report that was like a hundred pages long and I really hated doing it and I had a better way to to make this take less time and be more valuable to people remember I walked into my boss's office and I was like hey I really want to change the way we do this and my idea is this and she right there she shut me down she's like no just continue doing it the way you're doing it and I'm like you know I'm young I'm impatient and I really didn't want to hear no so I went to my computer I started getting all this research I got the data I got the analysis I got this research about eye tracking studies and all this stuff and I went back into her office and I said alright well look at all this information I have we really should change it and she shot me down again she was all you're so young and I remember she said this to me because it's not always about the day to just keep doing what you're doing now I'm frustrated because I really want to change this this thing that I had to do and she wasn't hearing it so I'm thinking like he's she stupid you know am i what doesn't why doesn't she understand the value I'm trying to deliver here man I should just quit this job right now this isn't gonna be a big headache but at that point I decided to just do it anyway I changed it but here's the difference I did it the way she wanted to do it and then I did the way I wanted to do it I stayed late every day for about two weeks to change it up I went into her office and about two weeks later I said hey I've been where I've been staying late the last couple of weeks and she's like yeah what's wrong or do you have too much work do we need to lighten your workloads like no I've been working on a side project and she's like what kind of side project I said well remember that idea I had that you had shot down I decided to do it anyway in my spare time and she's like okay show me I show her it I explained it in about 15 minutes she said you're right we're gonna use this new way of doing this now what was interesting was she told me no twice and most people would stop at the first no or the second no but I kept pushing forward because I had realized that the way you present something to someone can drastically change how they react to that one little thing that you're presenting to them and at that moment I realized that I got addicted to making people say yes to my ideas I got addicted to selling things and at that moment I remember the high is like you know this felt really great to convince someone of something that I wanted them to believe and that's kind of what kicked off my obsession with persuasion and learning how to do it better fast forward these ten years I've now basically made a job out of persuading people to do things mainly by things and what's interesting is I mainly do this through email and sales pages and today I want to walk you through why that first that first example with my boss works so well and what happened there and I also want to show you how you can craft these different types of messages for the products that you're selling I think everyone here so fitness products yes nutrition fitness health is that is that mainly what's going on here what what skincare great so what's interesting is a lot of people in the fitness space tend to focus on these before and after pictures is the only way to sell their products and I think today I'm going to open your mind to potentially a new way of persuading people to buy your stuff or your skincare stuff or whatever it could be so let's kind of jump right in today I want to walk you through how to turn more people into customers every single time and what's interesting is is when I started my business things look really bad I mean this was my awful handwriting this was my horrible video quality and this is the worst haircut in the world so.

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