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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing How Form 944 Pr Wages

Instructions and Help about How Form 944 Pr Wages

Do you have plans to emigrate to Canada in 2022 but also have concerns about your job prospects in the country don't worry anymore because in this video I will tell you the top 15 in-demand jobs in Canada in the year 2022 so if you're interested stay tuned hello everybody the shaitaan shoe from dream applaud if you want to immigrate to Canada or Australia without paying hefty fee to the consultants please visit my channel of what tons of videos on the immigration process of both of these countries and I regularly upload videos every week so if you haven't subscribed my channel yet please subscribe it right now okay so the source of this video the facts and the details the analysis that I've been shown in this video is based on the results of the annual study by the human resource company Randstad Canada ok many of us work in different kind of sectors but worried about the job prospects in Canada before we emigrate so I'll tell you the top 15 in demand jobs right now let me first list out all of them and then after that I'll discuss all of them in detail so number 15 is merchandiser number 14 is HR manager at number 13 is electrical engineer number 12 is registered nurse number 11 is accountant number 10 is a surprise welder number 9 is account manager number 8 product manager number 7 general label number 6 cashier number 5 receptionist number 4 developer number 3 driver number 2 administrative assistant and number 1 is sales associate so sales associate is the most in-demand job in Canada in the year 2022 okay I know there would be so many people of different sectors who have different job skills they would be concerned if their job is in demand or not but this is the list of only those top 15 in demand jobs stood out by announced it so if your occupation or your job is not in the top 15 don't worry about it this will research about it and you'll get to know your job prospects in Canada but for now I'll discuss all of these 15 in-demand jobs in detail so number one sales associate sales associates or sales representatives lies one spot to become the most in-demand job in Canada in 2022 in 2022 it was at number two business count on talented sales people to move products or shells and into customer hands b2b sales people are also in demand in eight sales ability and an outgoing personality will help you succeed in this field number two administrative assistant administrative assistants are the cornerstone of office works places they tirelessly support their colleagues providing tools resources and assistance to keep the office running like clockwork in 2022 administrative assistants who can handle traditional clerical tasks as well as more specialized tasks like accounting and bookkeeping functions are in highest demand number three drivers drivers of all kinds are in demand in Canada from long haul drivers to delivery drivers to forklift drivers if you know how to drive a commercial vehicle your skills are highly sought after by the employers having your commercial vehicle driver's license or a certification to operate for clips are particularly in demand in this field it was a question when I uploaded the video for 2022 so many people were asking about drivers and nurses so here it is it is now ranked the third most in-demand job in Canada in 2022 number four developers developers feed our obsession with tech building websites smartphone apps business software and anything else that runs on code so it should come as no surprise that developers are one of the most in-demand professions in Canada in fact the tech sector is the fastest-growing in Canada though developers of all stripes are desperately needed full-stack developers who know both front-end and back-end programming are in most demand receptionist at number five this up list are the first phase that treat customers or clients they are responsible for making the critical first impression at a place of business though customer service is clearly an important element of being a great receptionist basic tech skills are in high demand in this field knowledge of telephone systems and computer programs that log customer information are also key part of any modern receptionist job and will make you an attractive candidate in 2022 number 6 is cashier caches are the final point of contact before a customer makes a purchase cashier is a relatively slow skill job making it an easy entry point into the job market despite concerns that caches would be replaced by automated tech such as kiosks and self checkouts that concern is not reflected in reality quite yet caches who are friendly personable and focused on the customer experience remain in high demand in 2022 number seven is a general labor which is actually at number one in 2022 so general laborers are the jack of all trades in the Canadian labour market they fill in gaps in the work flow taking on a variety of tasks that need to be done to keep businesses running smoothly from cleaning tasks to loading and unloading materials to general hard work being a general labral requires lot of hard work determination and openness to taking on physical demanding tasks chelley labor dropped a few spots from the number one most in-demand jobs in 2022 at number eight is project manager project managers are needed in a variety of sectors ranging from IT to engineering to marketing they typically have a background in the field they are working in but also have a general project management experience and the ability to juggle complex projects effectively managing budgets and people project managers with the project management professional certification or PMP certification are especially in demand in 2090 in Canada number nine is account manager they are the primary.

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