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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing How Form 944 Pr Valid

Instructions and Help about How Form 944 Pr Valid

Hey guys in this video I'll tell you step by step process to apply permanent residency of Australia I'll tell you the details about it which all documents are required recent rule changes and details about PR grant as well so if you're interested stay tuned hello guys this is Yvonne Chow from dream abroad if you want to immigrate to Canada or Australia without paying hefty fee to the consultants please visit my channel I've got many videos also I do post videos every week so if you haven't subscribed to channel yet please subscribe now let me tell you that I've divided the complete process into five simple steps so let me list out all those steps for you and then I'll discuss all those steps in detail so the first step would be checking eligibility if you're eligible or not the second step is English test the third step is skill assessment the fourth step is expression of interest and the last step is submitting your application after that he'll be given PR ground and we will talk in detail about it as well ok now let's discuss all of these in detail so number one step one is eligibility check so checking your eligibility is the first and foremost thing which you should do and you can do it online there are two steps in it and the first step would be occupation Jake so you have to check if your occupation is listed out in the in-demand occupations list or not now they have done the categorization and most of the occupations are listed out so you don't have to worry your occupation will be there the number 2 is points check now you have to check your points in the points table points are awarded based on the various criterias like age your work experience your English proficiency the state sponsorship or other factors as well so you have to calculate your points and have to check your occupation in the in-demand occupations list well it is there not so now let me tell you that the minimum points for eligibility is now 65 points so when you count your points you have to calculate it accordingly and you know you have to check if you reach the 65 mark criteria or not fifty sixty five points criteria or not now this five points actually got increased on 1st of July 2022 so before force to delay until 30th of June 2022 the minimum requirement was 60 points so of course they have they have kind of you know made the process a bit tougher but I'm sure they were getting many applications and most of the applicants sometimes you know have a you know have points above 60 so they've kind of raised the bar okay now this was the first step now let's talk about the second step English test the Australian immigration system accepts a number of different internationally accepted English testing systems to measure the rank applicants and rank applicants overall English ability so you can go through Isles you can appear for Pte academic you can appear for all et which is occupational English test you can also appear for TOEFL IBT you can also appear for Cambridge Assessment English which is CAE so obviously are there like five different tests you can appear for any one of them and according to the score which you get you'll be awarded points and you will you'll get the points and you'll be learned in there q okay now step three scale assessment this is very important and very crucial so please pay attention now every occupation has a designated skill assessment or D linked to it and skill assessment can be conducted only by that Authority now let's suppose okay let me just show you which all authorities are there so for software engineers there would be Australian Computer Society which is ACS for electrical mechanical civil biomedical and other engineers this engineers Australia skills into medical field there's medical bore of Australia these are just three examples how you can find it when you'll find the occupation you'll actually find the assessment body over there assessing authority over there so it's very easy I'll be I'll explain it to you in detail in my next video how to find it so skill assessment Authority is an organization which is responsible for comparing skills education and work experience of a visa applicant to Australian standards documents related to education and work experience need to be submitted and payment of allowance 500 Australian dollars needs to be done at this point now this may vary from one organization to would be other but roughly B this is just a rough estimate of the payment documents for education includes marksheet and degree certificates and documents for work experience include in efference letters affidavits and you know work experience letters so I'll make separate videos for all of these steps so I will discuss all these steps in detail so this was about skill assessment step 4 expression of interest which is also called GOI so ey is a method of showing your interest in applying for a skilled visa to migrate to Australia it is an online forum in skill select now skill select is a is an application so you didn't need not worry about that it's an online forum on skill select which asks a series of questions about your skills depending on the visa subclass you select so there basically there are four that's why there are three visa subclasses who is a 189 visa 190 and 489 so you have to select your visa subclass over there details related to education work experience family skills assessment language tests are supposed to be entered while you're filling up the form for your UI now based on the information provided in the application points will be calculated by them.

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