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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing How Form 944 Pr Ut

Instructions and Help about How Form 944 Pr Ut

Music in Salt Lake City the kind of old-world so you take them an idea like The Container house now I took this into them it took them know first of all 60 days before they finally realized I was building them out of containers most people get scared with looking at construction desks they go in there and the guy says it'll cost you hundreds of thousand dollars to even do something even to think about doing that in the engineering and I looked at and I said God you know no it's not and he started argue with me and I said look I built the thing in my driveway would you like to come see it and I got myself busted because I had done it my driveway they liked the idea and I'm always trying to do something in a creative means for our city I keep looking at how we can take this to the next level and get it to the point where affordability using small little building yourself style okay and this is just a plain welded plate so you have your two by sixes okay this goes down construction project and some of the designs I'm coming up with is taking a conventional box like this and just building nothing but the corner casings and then everything else if you want a window in there we had the window and you want the wall in there you put the wall in there Music it's just this simple modifications of the floor plan and then however you would decide to make your room is how you you orchestrate it it's just modules and they just get bolted together this is the Sarah house which is a container home these are two 40-foot hi cube containers they're 8 foot wide 40 foot long and nine foot six tall when we designed the house we designed the house so that it has a very large front covered porch so that way it puts the eyes and people back into the neighborhood well if you notice on the houses of either side in this genre we have one here that was built in the 20s where you can see the kind of the front porch where it was being utilized now we have a house that it's built in the 1950s where the front porch has kind of gone away and with this style of house we're again trying to reintroduce a front porch as a gathering place for neighbors to visit an idea of keeping an eye on this street and just a nice welcome to your home so as you come in to the house you'll come into a front porch and then you'll enter into the the start of where the shipping containers begin both of these containers we've left the ceiling natural here because we kind of like the character of the design of it but then on top of this we have insulation and then we've got above this ceiling where it approximately r45 and insulation then we have a rubber membrane roof on top of it okay the insulation in the walls were using echo bats which is a insulation made with a binder of sugar corn and then we've also used bio foam as a base so when our walls were right around our 26 and insulation we put in Claire story windows above lots of glass so you don't have a lot of need for turning on lights during the day the window casings I'm just using the old traditional two-by-fours so it has kind of an Amish look to it but it's simple and it's we're trying to make it as inexpensive as possible for the next person once you came in from the house it's a single long wall kitchen no fancy islands everything's very simple easy access I think it's it might be perfect for an older person because it's all on one level you know everything here I'm trying to make it so it non-physically obsolescent for anybody we did not put any ceiling fixtures up either we're using light sconces because we're thinking the person that's gonna be here may be a senior and they're not going to have a bill to be able to change light bulbs so everything's kind of low level and then it's a very open floor plan here in the corner we're figuring this where they'll put their chair and couch and table dining room table can be here and then I put this this is actually wood flooring but I put it on the wall is to give it kind of a more of a dramatic effect then here we're starting I'm going with a small point of demand Rinnai hot water heating system this is one of those systems that it's gas fed but if you turn it on you can walk away the furnace system will be up here and we're going with what is called a mini split which is a small little Mitsubishi system it has a point of I system that will actually track you and point the heat source towards you wherever you are so we're doing away with all of the ducting the seam here that you see going down the center where the containers were actually connected and welded together this will get a box beam out so it has a nice finished detail like the rest of the windows this space is something that we designed it's it's a flex space so if you're if you're a grandparent you have a child that you're keeping an eye on for the day you've got a spot for a daybed you also have a spot for a computer so it's away from the main but it's that central area that kind of the catch-all for your office your desk more people are going towards a computer space than they.

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