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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing How Form 944 Pr Rico

Instructions and Help about How Form 944 Pr Rico

Music Music Music good morning guys or good morning I mean whenever you're watching this whatever time it is we are currently in Miami Florida and the lighting is a piece of proof and Adam trailing behind pull yourself together Adam with country country no no Helen I can't do it right oh no Dan here so not like that so we're currently in Miami Florida we have to lay over here before we go to Puerto Rico and we're pretty much like gone bored in the next ten minutes so yeah thought I'd log an airport experience before the Sun Goes Down I'm hungry we went to this restaurant I ordered a burrito it was so bad and it made my stomach hurt after like two bites and I was not about to get food poisoning so I was if we my stomach hurt we can like just resume another burrito no no no the rice was citrus rice they call it citrus right right now I'm just really looking forward to a bed and I'm looking forward to the hospital routines done I was looking forward to the hot Puerto Rican bed at the hot Porto Rican okay no seats for us guys look at this epitome of style this look is everything okay give them all again on the phone thank you you got it with my head I was wearing my socks he was a little bit over style very snazzy blinkin by its blog its blog we got blog but wait that's it I'm fine like something from all my bad back if this man is trying to steal my bag so we just got to our hotel in Puerto Rico this is just our hotel for tonight because tomorrow we gonna drink on and standard Airbnb time for dramatic even on so far this place is kind of interesting it's an airport hotel smells like Barbies but we're going to place right now called Billy's Bistro which serves sushi we don't really know what to expect with Billy's Bistro because you know I don't think Bistro is particularly important or the name or Billy's horse or or sushi spot it we're going to find out hopefully it'll be better than the meal I had a tune gin we'll be back after these commercial messages we are in Spock all right cool where are we very cool certo Rico we just got to Old San Juan I'm very excited it kind of Rises like Mykonos mixed with Byron Bay cuz I got the water just a little like four towers those houses these like the color I love the colors these colorful walls and she preached it out all right yeah we have to go and explore now we're gonna take some photos will tune in later you do some stuff with incentives and crappy hotels like for a day now I don't know what's going on yeah I feel like she got angry I'm still kind of hangry I can use like a nice one a nice thing of black beans anyway let's go Music we're currently wind p.m. so you probably can't even hear me so we're here taking you picture in front of this poor chicken power yeah just met some cute subscribers from Florida from Fort Lauderdale I wonder if they went to girls look at Adam in all the cameras yeah you can tog refer something this was my favorite I want one of my own maybe we should go for shopping a fine one got it for $6 from Goodwill that was my pole that was yeah we're currently in the car during a rainstorm Adam has a shirt off because it got soaked I don't because girls can't just take our shirts off in the car well I think we're rained out for this to the day when we do good no I want to summarize I did we took a lot of pictures it would support we had you feel in touch with your Puerto Rican heritage I do a lot we had pretty concerned I spoke to a guy that worked at a tower and fell in love so can you drop me off of the tower with important stuff yeah I come up I call out my mama's bed and that's pretty much it he'll frame is pouring rain rain the rainiest rain Oh No McKenney with now we're sitting launching a the first been ever recognized yeah they're like usually they just stare and I try to make a dad joke and not funny I guess except forbid ever even here you go she cool or something he's no I think she's cool which one that she's cool Eileen is funny I feel want a car wash right now wait this is the car wash right here Kalevala What's in Mexico up in advance a look at this we start clothes on boy nobody wants to see this everyone comment I wanted to see you for the odds of you going out into the rain right now I'm dancing in it one in ten that you know I'll give you up one in five one in five ready we're not to do that yes it go out in the rain I have a number that I need to get there yeah now we both say I say three two one and if we say the same number after three to effect agnostic I think of a number and you have to say it no no it's not how a word we play the same every frickin time with me huh you and your other man all my friends and I okay we both say I say three two one and inside rockin scissor shoot like three two one you say the number like three two one eighty like you know and if it's the same number then you have to do it so.

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