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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing How Form 944 Pr Refunds

Instructions and Help about How Form 944 Pr Refunds

Hello everybody I compiled some information I've gathered over the past well two years or so from what I've gone through from the IRS and based on things I've learned from talking to other people who have had problems with the IRS and faced some of the issues and had some of the questions and ultimately got some answers a lot of the concerns that people have this year so I'm hoping to be able to sort out some of the mess of what people think or think they know and really don't know we need to learn so I'm hoping might answer some of your questions and get rid of some of that confusion that's still hanging about with this return and refund business so I want to start with them where's my refund and I want to point out that IRS is not lying when they say where's my refund updates every day I mean it does update every day but that's to let people know if their return was accepted not in other words when you first file your return if you check where's my refund it will say allow 72 hours until you check again and then when you get your first bar so that's like basically the update they're talking about that updates every day is people getting their first bar the updates for direct deposit only happen five days a week and it's always overnight it happens on Saturdays overnight Tuesdays overnight Wednesdays overnight Thursdays overnight and Fridays overnight the overnight Saturday will give you a Thursday direct deposit the overnight Tuesday will give you a Friday direct deposit the overnight Wednesday will give you a Monday direct deposit the overnight Thursday will give you a Tuesday direct deposit and the overnight Friday will give you a Wednesday direct deposit with those batch updates there also be some checks that would be issued I think they only do checks one day a week I'm not quite sure I think some of the dates I've seen flying around we're a Monday or a Wednesday date so you would expect to see check updates in those batch updates as well but once again those are the only nights that refund updates happen so you wouldn't want to be checking where's my refund on an overnight Sunday night or overnight Monday night because you're not going to see anything you'll be waiting for a very long time only to be disappointed which the past three weeks unfortunately I'm afraid people have been very disappointed to wake up or wait overnight and find out they didn't have an update when nobody did so you want to make sure you're only up you're only checking on those nights next is let's say you had your one bar for a while and all of a sudden it disappears well there's some speculation as to what that means and I've had no bar I also had no bar last year in other words my I had my bar and then it disappeared this year my bar has been gone for about two weeks now over two weeks and basically what it means from my experience is that there's a delay in processing simply simply stated it might be gone for a day it might be gone for two months but literally it just means that there's something's taking longer in the processing it could be your specific return or it could be just the fact that there's a backlog of returns but it disappears when processing is taking longer than they're expecting so if you see a stream screen like this don't panic necessarily yet if they basically just they can't guarantee they'll meet their 21-day window from when you were accepted so they kind of take that message away and take your bar away but sometimes they do still make it anyway so the best way to judge if you're going to be getting a refund soon is in fact to check your transcripts you want to do this online you do not want to call and with them over the phone or have them mail to you online you want to go out go online and view them with the PDF viewer so you want to go to WWII ARS gov slash individuals slash get transcript and you want to click the get transcript online link that's the only way you want to get them if you order them through the mail this isn't going to work you're not going to be able to tell if you're getting your refund soon just because you called over the phone and ordered your transcript it doesn't mean that you're done processing you can get your transcript when you begin processing which is why I emphasize that this is the only way you can work on a home online you can only track your progress via your transcript is if you look every day online that's how you can tell if you're done processing or not because you can view them as soon as you begin process and you'll know when you're done processing when you get a certain code on your transcript so once again you want to click the link which I have circled here get transcript online and then you want to go through the process of filling out the account and I'm going to show you the link here what the page looks like so you're going to either sign up for account or if you have one you're going to log in okay from there you're going to go into the page that opens up and you're going to see your transcripts and you'll notice that all my transcripts are available that is because my transcript has posted to the system but it does not necessarily mean that I'm done processing in fact I am not done processing I can only view all these transcripts because.

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