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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing How Form 944 Pr Pros

Instructions and Help about How Form 944 Pr Pros

Let's bicep fuel right now him putting the work if you want work head form damn I got the same thing right shake what your mama gave me now so two days left before these cars have to go to SEMA we didn't think that shark cart would turn out as well as did 270 horsepower to the wheels on the dyno is insane so what I got to do in these last two days is get shit car on the same level need some more respect and love I want to figure out what's going on with the turbo situation we're not making really any boost so I found a couple exhaust leaks earlier while the exhaust is off I'm going to rework that also put a muffler in because it sounds terrible we will rework the turbo and some of the exhaust stuff maybe mess with the wastegate position stuff like that just to try and get the boost to come up we'll give it a little test run see how it works and then in there move on if we have to change things around or a different boost controller it just needs more power so we're gonna figure that out it also has quite a few little oil leaks and stuff that I want to change out other than that under the car it's great with the seats and the steering and all that is now really nice the brakes work great so all we really need is that power to keep keep up with shark card so we're gonna try and figure out diagnose the few problems that it does have and put some well-deserved love back in the shit car alright right away found quite a few problems so part of the boost problem is that we have leaks there's no gasket here so that's a Bruce leak I didn't know that this was reworked so there's a big leak right here that's not welded this is not welded all the way around there's leaks coming out everywhere so it's not building enough exhaust pressure to even go for the turbo first things first I'll take the exhaust off but then also looking I knew that this was a problem this had been retasked before but not very well done so that is leaking quite a bit of oil and then after I looked up just a little bit that motor mount is completely broken it's aluminum I might be able to salvage that if I can take that out support the motor and try and weld those pieces back together if not I might have to fabricate a new thing for that and then this is just our TV that's not right it's gonna try and replace that with an actual gasket because if that blows out we're gonna lose all boost pressure so need to seal up all this going to the turbo first huh I can even see a leak in the pipe here for the wastegate that's not gonna work that's also a leak pre wastegate pre turbo so that's all gonna have to be reworked and then we're gonna put an exhaust up here to quiet it down a little bit I'm gonna try and keep Brad Brad a Zuko exhaust as much as I can but it will have to be kind of moves around and shuffled around and be kind of hard to fit with the bigger muffler so we got some stuff from Magnaflow sitting over in the corner there with a mock-up with a couple different pieces just to see what I can make fit first things first exhaust off I gotta figure out what the plan is to solve these booths leak issues which could be pretty much a majority of our issue I'm gonna get started the dip is all in pretty in installed and then I chopped out the pipe that had like four pre turbo boost leaks so that's all welded up kind of went back over it and did a little Miller gasket sealing so there should be no leaks free turbo I'm gonna fire it up test it out see if we have any leaks if we do I'll fix them if we don't hopefully we can test it and see if we can make some boost exhaust is good I think that's a good start I'm gonna have to put them up around it and forgot about that we'll put them off there on it because that sounds horrible it's too loud first even test so I might even do that first and then the motor mounts still broken so I'm gonna start on that too so a quick little update I just threw this on just to quiet it down a bit because it's late and I don't wanna wake up the entire neighborhood so trying to keep it down while I'm trying to diagnose everything and then I threw this one on top of it I'm actually gonna use this one because it does sound quite better this one is a little bit overkill but I don't want to make a lot of noise right now I just have them sitting on here so I can actually diagnose but good news we made a couple pounds of boost up really high I found a couple vacuum leaks the problem was I couldn't get out since I'm by myself the throttle cable has a lot of slack in it and it won't idle very well because there is a vacuum leak there's multiple vacuum leaks and I found quite a few but there's something still big happening so I need to kind of hold this and listen so I'm just kind of rigging stuff up to get around and listen for leaks I found one here this is loose one of the clamps under there was pretty loose and this is probably a pretty decent sized.

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