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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing How Form 944 Pr Pros

Instructions and Help about How Form 944 Pr Pros

Let's divide this text into sentences and correct mistakes: - Let's bicep fuel right now. - Him putting the work if you want work head form damn. - I got the same thing right. - Shake what your mama gave me now. - So, two days left before these cars have to go to SEMA. - We didn't think that shark cart would turn out as well as it did. - 270 horsepower to the wheels on the dyno is insane. - So, what I got to do in these last two days is get shit car on the same level, need some more respect and love. - I want to figure out what's going on with the turbo situation. - We're not making really any boost. - So, I found a couple exhaust leaks earlier while the exhaust is off, I'm going to rework that. - Also, put a muffler in because it sounds terrible. - We will rework the turbo and some of the exhaust stuff. - Maybe mess with the wastegate position, stuff like that, just to try and get the boost to come up. - We'll give it a little test run, see how it works, and then in there move on if we have to change things around or a different boost controller. - It just needs more power, so we're gonna figure that out. - It also has quite a few little oil leaks and stuff that I want to change out. - Other than that, under the car, it's great with the seats and the steering and all that is now really nice. - The brakes work great, so all we really need is that power to keep up with shark card. - So, we're gonna try and figure out diagnose the few problems that it does have and put some well-deserved love back in the shit car. - Alright, right away found quite...