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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing How Form 944 Pr Premium

Instructions and Help about How Form 944 Pr Premium

So what exactly is hiding a signature offer here's how I define it please write this down a high-ticket signature offer is a package of services and sometimes products that delivers a highly desirable result what can result highly desirable to you or to your prospects to you to the prospects to the prospects or transformation in the most effective way possible the king of I ticket sales world's highest-paid consultant Media celebrity multimillionaire entrepreneur claim TEDx speaker international best-selling author if you offer services that help people with their wealth make money and save money their health their relationships or their personal and spiritual growth then what I'm going to share with you tonight will work in your business there has to be one of those major problems a major pain that they have okay so wealth some money body relationships personal spiritual growth yeah then you can charge a premium for the premium for it let's take two minutes how long discuss among a table what I've set so far what I've covered so far two minutes go please shake their hand and say thank you for sharing okay so what have you learned what have you learned raise your prices okay what else have you learned hmm stop saving people Alleluia yes leave that to the church please waiting for the wait the right client to come yes yeah when you sell high ticket yeah application invitation-only if you wanna sell high ticket absolutely yeah you know all these years now I've been in business for all these years I've never done a proposal in my whole life not one I've closed from pretty big deals I don't do proposals they're happy to just get me gets the positioning because when you do proposal what are you trying to do you try to convince them song-and-dance let me list or let me give you 10 pages why should work with me no give me a reason Mar should work with you you've got money I've got your solution now the promise is you actually be I'm gonna want you to you right let's not with that you're damn good or what you do you've got a solution you've got money but you've got a problem exchange of money to value deliver and help you solve your problem I don't have a problem you have a problem keep your damn money keep the damn problem doesn't change my life you got to come from that place of strength and posture and knowing deep down can you always get another client yes or no is there always another client billions of people on this planet and if you think about what you do when you're selling hard to get how many clients do you really need if you're selling 10k how many clients do you actually need if you have ten you're in six-figure twenty you're making 200k how many do you need for most of us twenty thirty people for the people that's all you need you're not trying to get millions of people handful of people if this guy this person doesn't see your value move on you move on and he's what's very interesting you're talking about the all-inclusive real estate marketing service 500 to 1500 dollars right let's cut what I consider low ticket very low I like that I see that very low right yeah low ticket mid ticket let's say you 3 to 5 K 10 K guess where you have the most competition everybody's fighting for this pie nobody is fighting for this pie and there's please write this down there's absolutely no advantage being the cheapest service provider in your marketplace or in your niche there's no it's not a sustainable advantage you know what I charge one thousand my competitor charts eight hundred I'll charge seven hundred and they charge six hundred then I'll charge 500 then you make no money so whatever advantage of God meaning why they buy from you if they buys your base because of price anybody can come in and say I'll just charge a charge less than that guy come with me you just lost all your advantage because you're the only advantage you have I'm the cheapest guy so there's no advantage being the cheapest service provider in your niche now here's the thing there's a huge advantage being the most expensive in your niche there's a huge advantage being the most expensive person being the premium service provider in your niche a huge advantage I'll get to that and it's all about providing your clients with big results and a deep level why can't level deep level or transformation not just a band-aid approach and that's what most people do just fix a little bit let me fix a tiny little bit of your problem no fix all department there's no traffic no traffic at the top everybody's fighting this why why do people just this they stuck it at selling at this level why confidence fear why are they comfortable what does that come from what is it self-worth it's a self-worth issue laundry they're not happy like how much value can deliver think about if you charge 500 bucks a thousand bucks for marketing services right and you sir dg2 south of Realtors Realtors right so if I'm a high-performing realtor I say I'm making six-figure I'm gonna build my like perhaps you do websites for them okay so you want to get them all leads right but what's a result you produce okay so you help them with the listings okay so they pay a thousand bucks you do one page listing so I kick ass like representation of their property got it got it God got it okay so they pay a thousand bucks you Kalp them created amazing listings four thousand bucks right with like you said with video or the whole nine yard right if.

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