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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing How Form 944 Pr Historical

Instructions and Help about How Form 944 Pr Historical

All right yeah I'm Jim you're Jim okay I'm Ted all right you suck at fishing my boats better than your crap oh I need all that hiking and you just had a river here this whole time Oh your shelter sucks ring Jim for the win I am Zachary Fowler winner of alone season three and Luke so darling here today to join me to watch a lone season 4 episode 10 the final episode two teams left were to watch it you can watch our reactions and then we're gonna I'm gonna teach Luke how to teleport we're gonna teleport up on out of here to a new location and talk about what we thought of it all so let's watch it alright get it your snacks go with the guy up snacks okay coffee guys have your coffee yeah conference or is this thing started helps if I hit play Music what's that thing Cutlass stomp or whatever like Dance Dance Revolution the eels doing the Dance Dance Revolution and the yield that he found on the rocks Music is the toughest old guy I think so slow outside of what's-his-name from mountain man oh yeah this episode has been brought to you by Fowler's maker e of mischief comm t-shirt slingshots shovel and the new survival bracelets from wazoo and Fowler orange linked below and at the end I could probably eat the ass right now what's a hobby horse isn't that one of those little rocking horses or like it well oh yeah I'm talking about an actual pony boy I eat the Ascend out of a pony I'd be hatin it I had it miss Christmas I don't know if I could have done it that's the only thing that because I love Christmas yeah and that's when Jamie and I got married you know and oh the kids I don't know man I've I've only ever missed like two Christmases with my family in Vermont day 70 I'm starting to bite my nails how long oh no are they gonna beat your record I think can they make it to day 87 hahaha no one can suffer like weekend there's a claim to fame where they put the game face on you know they're coming to do a met check you wash your face for the first time in a couple weeks and yet and you get one of your cheeks and try to you put your firewood pile up high you put the you put the tea pot on your still do it in China where all your clothes yeah right that this reminds me of I guess some of my oh you guys know it does didn't get it man let's do it oh man it reminds me of the last day I had I won't be I don't think I'll ever be able to watch loved ones come up behind something that's like your minds of your own yeah they are yelling didn't know I need a box of planes hey man congratulations guys Wow get up guys good job Oh James there cow there's the yelling what an end to 1010 Jim's excellent adventure man Wow what what an adventure that's amazing ah they did such an awesome job I am I'm so impressed you know they went through such a struggle yeah you know fighting and then and then recovering from it and and uh with just a testament to the raziel resiliency you know that they struggle and get knocked down and get back up and fight then get back together and I mean it's just that's real life that's the way things are so that was a great episode we're gonna we're gonna do my thing that we always do with teleport on I hear and we'll talk about it a new location you ready all right everything Bert think about the new location squeeze the brain muscle and you'll be there okay wait get rid Hey ha here we go ready yep one two three I'm still here it didn't work no good at this come on Zack it didn't work Oh didn't work that thing all right so we'll try it like this okay I'll send you ready there we go all right now my turn Music worthy and go back and get him there's gotta be a better way to do that Applause all right Wow alone season oh is that that last last episode Wow No so is it rainy out here yeah what the heck huh go back inside it's almost like we're on the show hey yeah yeah get me here we go alright we're back hi yeah that's like almost like we're out there with them huh identifying with all that rain well watching this episode really kind of brought me back you know you start watching some of the seats especially the end ok man it just it gets you it just reminds you of how rough that was and how emotional that reuniting was right yeah yeah there was a lot of dust in the room after that moment there shouldn't it should've dusted the office before we watch that we're gonna learn right now as fast as we can saying oh well so yeah what do you think man how do you think Dave man I mean they toughed it out I mean Pete and Sam holy cow what a team I mean when they were at we started the episode like day 50 and then he's jumped ahead to day 65 and you saw the difference in Pete's face just that last 15 days let's swing around to the other side maybe four if we're on the leeward side up dorm the camera can stay drier now it's blowing in my face yeah nothing that's not blown in the camera space right that's important part that's right yeah we're suffering for you guys right.

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