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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing How Form 944 Pr Businesses

Instructions and Help about How Form 944 Pr Businesses

Hey guys what's up this is Seth from re tips or comm and I just recently registered for a new LLC in the state of Michigan and something I have to do in this process is go to the IRS website and apply for a employer identification number and this is something that's really easy to do and it's free and you can do it all online so I've got a link to this page right beneath this video so I get to do is click on that and you'll land right here on the IRS website you'll see a page that looks something like this just read through what you see on this page it's all pretty common-sense stuff and just go ahead and click apply online now take a quick look at this stuff make sure you understand what you're doing go ahead and click begin application and then just go ahead and answer these questions as they apply to you I'm going to answer them as they apply to me so don't just copy what I'm doing just make sure you're putting in the right answers based on your situation so in my case this is what I've got could continue so I'll make sense go ahead and click continue again and then tell us more about the members of this limited liability cap and how many members are in the LLC in this case it's just me so we'll just put 1 and then please select the state where the business is physically located this is located in Michigan go ahead and click that click continue and then this right here just tells me some basic kind of tax related stuff it's kind of beyond the scope of this video go ahead and just click continue and in this case I'll go ahead and just stick with this one right here you click continue again and then authenticate who is the responsible party of the LLC in this case it's going to be myself so I'm an individual with that click continue and then you selected individual please tell us about the responsible party of the LLC let's go ahead and put on my information here and I'm going to be just blaring this out for obvious reasons because I don't want to publish my social security number this thing down here says choose one I am one of the owners members or the managing member of this LLC and definitely this first one right here so let's check that and move on and then where is the LLC physically located just going to put in my business address here and then do you have an address different from the one above where you want your mail to be sent no my answer once that's in there go ahead and click continue again and verify street address that is correct except database version ok tell us about that LLC so first of all it's asking for the legal name of the LLC so you're going to open up your articles of organization and that's pretty much the first document you should have gotten after the state accepted your registration of this LLC so you really shouldn't even be at this point yet until the articles of organization are complete so go ahead and just put that in exactly how it reads and then trade name doing business as actually I don't have one so I'm just going to kind of leave this blank but if you did have a assumed name or something like that you would put that in here and County Works located is Kent County Michigan State and territorial where the articles of organization will be filed to Michigan as well and LLC start dates go ahead and do that in 2022 ok that's all in there go ahead and click continue now does your business own a highway motor vehicle with a taxable Gris nope it does not does your business involve gambling nope has a business need to file a Form 720 say no does your business sell or manufacture alcohol Tobacco Firearms nope do you have or do you expect to have any employees will receive forms w2 in the next 12 months so I can click no again continue again and then what does your business organization do just pick the one that most closely matches the purpose of your business so in my case honestly none of these are a terribly accurate description of what this business is going to do re tipster publishing LLC exists for the purpose of like publishing educational material for real estate investors so I'm going to go ahead and check other click continue so from this list here probably the closest one would be like consulting but even that isn't like exactly the primary purpose of the business so I'm gonna go ahead and click this and what I'm going to do here is just say internet publishing because that's probably the most accurate description I can think of go ahead and click continue again and then how would you like to receive your EIN confirmation letter pretty straightforward and easy for me to just get online so go ahead and click that click continue again ok so here we've got all the information again I'm going to blur some of the stuff out just for privacy reasons but you know assuming that all looks and accurate and makes sense you just go ahead and review it and click Submit again once you're sure about everything note this also says we strongly recommend that you print this summary page for your records as this will be your only copy of the application so I'll go ahead and do that just for kicks so once that's done we'll go ahead and click Submit alright so congratulations your EAN has been successfully assigned and my ein is right here once you get to.

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