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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing How Form 944 Pr Arent

Instructions and Help about How Form 944 Pr Arent

Divide this text into sentences and correct mistakes: 1. What's up guys jeff cavaliere athleanx.com so you're having trouble building your biceps and you've come to me in my video. 2. I think I can help you, I'm not really sure, but I think I can help you guys. 3. I gotta be honest with you here, that's the joke because honestly when I was younger my biceps were my biggest trouble spot. 4. I did not have big arms; it was through my perseverance and wanting to build bigger biceps. 5. I made a whole hell of a lot of mistakes, but I ultimately wound up being able to build decent size arms because of that. 6. So, what I want to do is help you today. 7. I know why yours aren't growing and I'm gonna help you to fix that. 8. Firstly, when we get into the different aspects of training your biceps, I like to think that there are sort of mechanical things that you're doing wrong. 9. Like literally how you're lifting the dumbbell and when you're twisting and if you're raising your arm up or not to get complete bicep contraction. 10. I actually made a video on that; I'm gonna link that right here, show you what it looks like, and then link it again at the end of the video because I want you to see that I cover five mechanical flaws that you're making and you're gonna want to see that. 11. But today I'm going to tell you that the two things that you're probably doing wrong that are definitely holding back the size of your arms, again I know because I've witnessed this myself firsthand, are your training frequency and secondly your lack of variation of bicep training techniques. 12. First of all, as far as the training frequency goes, guys...