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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Form 944 Pr Wages

Instructions and Help about Form 944 Pr Wages

Hi I'm Kate hi welcome to my channel last month I started a new job as a consultant at a change management consultancy but I actually don't have experience in the specific line of consulting that I'm doing now all of my previous work experience was in public relations or PR I had one specific comment somebody asking me to share about this and talk about what PR is because they were interested in it so I hope this is helpful to you and I hope this is helpful for anyone else who is just curious about the industry or maybe just wants to know what kind of jobs are out there because they just there's so many we'll have a few sections in this video so first I will talk about what PR is then I will talk about my experience in PR and with that go into potential responsibilities you might have any job in PR I'll then talk about some of the things that I liked and some of the things that I didn't like about PR and then end it with some things that you should maybe think about if you are considering going into PR so what is PR on Wikipedia it says it's the practice of managing the spread of information between an individual or an organization and the public I'm going to define it by explaining what PR is not one thing that PR is often compared to or grouped with is advertising and advertising is something that is pretty simple to understand you pay an amount of money to get a placement in a form of media on a platform so whether that is a magazine or newspaper which are traditional forms of media or something digital like a website or an Instagram ad you pay a certain amount of money and then you get your ad with a certain amount of space for a certain amount of time this is why advertising is a form of paid media because you are paying to get that media exposure PR on the other hand is earned media if you take a magazine for example you will have some pages that are advertisements so brands have paid money to get their image in the magazine but then you will have some articles maybe the cover story was the actor who is on the front cover of the magazine that was probably placed there through the communication between the actors publicist who is working on the PR side with the magazine who is the media side generally in PR you don't pay anything to get these placements it's more about the relationship between the publicist and the journalist or whoever is the writer or creator on the platform so that's the main difference between advertising and PR it's that payment piece but as media has been developing and you know like on YouTube people have sponsored content that also kind of falls into PR so you do get these payments now that are happening but in general that is not what traditional PR is but it's just been morphing over time and going along with the sponsored content thing on YouTube there's also non sponsored content but that youtuber or blogger has been sent some free products so technically there's no payment but they received something for free so as you can see it's kind of gray but you can understand why the relationship between that brand or that publicist and the journalist or the blogger is really important to create genuine content that is helpful on both sides and for the public moving on to my experience in PR so I majored in English literature during my undergrad education and then I didn't really know what I wanted to go into but I decided to go into PR because I didn't want to go to law school I didn't want to teach I didn't want to study more English and that's like those are like the typical things that an English major does but I knew that public relations involved writing of some sort and that is what I liked to do right out of college I interned at a fashion PR agency it was really small so I had a lot of different responsibilities because we all had to carry a lot of weight two of the main responsibilities I had were writing press releases and creating media lists so a press release is a blast essentially that you would send to journalists to miss relevant or you can use like a distribution service as well and they have a whole database of journalists that are subscribed to it it's basically like an announcement and it reads somewhat like an article but it's more for journalists to take and have an Meishan about something and then they could either use our press release to fashion an article out of or they can see the contact information that's placed on the press release and reach out to the publicist or relevant PR representative as an intern I would write a lot of those press releases so making announcements about a client having a new spring/summer line coming out or opening a new store in so in South City the other thing is making media lists and that is like the contact list that an agency or a publicist might have and we had media lists that were divided across all different kinds of subjects so by region so these are LA editors these are New York editors these are Chicago editors or there were ones about people who write about fitness clothing specifically or write about beauty products specifically and these media lists become very important because they have to be kept up to date first of all and then they have to be accurate in terms of what that journalists or bloggers actually covers because one thing that media and journalists hate.

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