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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Form 944 Pr Threshold

Instructions and Help about Form 944 Pr Threshold

Music welcome to Greenland Colorado that's right I don't even know if this is a town out here hi it's between Denver and Colorado Springs it's called Greenland and the reason I came here are for the dirt roads and sure enough the roads are clear in Boulder Colorado where I went to school it's like people love running on the trails in Boulder but believe it or not a lot of the pro athletes that train their elite athletes Olympians they train there for the dirt roads that are just north of Boulder well I have been eyeing these dirt roads here in Greenland Colorado for years and years and I've never explored them but they look very hilly I'm looking at one right now they look very hilly and it's gonna be perfect for today's workout and what is today's workout okay how to run faster threshold running aka tempo runs a lot of you have heard of a tempo run back at the studio I will explain exactly what a tempo run is what it does for your fitness how it helps you prepare for racing so we'll get into the details of that soon but I'm gonna lace up hold on and for the threshold work out the tempo workout today we're gonna take out the Skechers rthree I was a little on the fence between this guy and the turbo even though they have a similar weight class anyway so we're gonna go with the rthree I'll talk more about this back of the studio as well all right dirt roads blue sky let's rock and roll baby come on Music there we have it oh I can't wait to talk to you guys about threshold running okay that was three miles boom spot-on quick swig of water and then I'm going so now sixteen more miles this is uh basically my long run for the week but I can't explain it now like what I'm doing and why I'm doing it this way but we will do that you know we're all right come on sixteen Music realizing I don't quite have enough room to stand here hold on I gotta move these around hold on all right now we're set and ready to go to talk about threshold training but first two boxes arrived today this one appears to be directly from running warehouse I have no idea what's inside this box we will open this one up in about five minutes stay tuned this guy we're gonna save these are used running shoes you know who you are who sent them thank you so much I cannot wait to open those and for today's run 22 miles 35 kilometres overall a 620 per mile and the first three miles was a warm-up and then I went in I went right into the threshold effort I didn't change shoes just kept the Skechers rthrees on and the threshold I wanted it to be basically right at five thirty five to 540 pace and that's where I was I glanced down on my watch you know maybe once every mile just to make sure I was I was moving at the right pace and okay and then 1,300 feet of elevation gains so it was not flat by any means very Rolly Hills out there at about 7,000 feet above sea level so if you're looking for a great faster than trails like you you're getting ready for a good marathon or half-marathon effort and you want some some of that hilly work and at elevation and it was it was immaculate down there and moving on to today's topic last week we talked about how to run faster upper right hand corner building your aerobic engine remember recruiting and developing those capillary beds for LSD runs long slow distance runs so that was last week this week I want to talk about threshold training lactate threshold training specifically also known as tempo runs to a lot of other people in the world I prefer the word the terminology of threshold training because it's a little more accurate as to what is happening inside of your body when you are doing this type of training so what is lactate threshold basically as you are running the faster you're going for longer distances there's lactate that is created in your bloodstream and I'm not going to get into the chemistry I'm not I'm not a scientist as you know but lactate builds up in your bloodstream and so that burning sensation that you feel when you're running a race that is lactate building up in your bloodstream and it's not being basically pumped it's not being what's a term it's not being cleared fast enough from your bloodstream and therefore it's accumulating in your bloodstream and that is what the burning sensation is in your legs when you start to hurt late in a race okay so that is lactate and in order to train your lactate because that's really if you think about it like when you're running a race oftentimes you're breathing hard but if you're in good fitness shape a lot of times what's going to end up slowing you down is the pain in your legs like you're gonna start to cramp up you're gonna start to feel your legs are gonna start to feel heavy that's what's actually going to cause you to slow down therefore in order to run faster and listen I am talking specifically about marathon training and half marathon training 5k 10k it's absolutely critical to do lactate threshold work but we're gonna cover that in a different video as far as how to go about doing that for like high schooler's for the 5k two-mile it's just a little different because the distances are so much shorter and so as you're racing your lactate is slowly going up and up and.

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