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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Form 944 Pr Publications

Instructions and Help about Form 944 Pr Publications

Today we're in Los Angeles and we're shooting the February cover of shape magazine and this is my eighth cover to be on the cover the eighth time is a huge honor today we're in the studio and we just had a white background and we did about five or six different cover looks we did some bikinis some dresses and Justino changed outfits quickly we went back and forth and then we brought my su P board and did some shots with the board as well which is really cool russell's one of my favorite photographers I've shot with him for probably 10 years now and I feel really comfortable with him he's always really fun to be around and knows how to get my personality out so it's always a really relaxing fun day when I shoot with Russell I love adventures in babysitting I love elisabeth shue she was my favorite actress I wanted to be like her best friend anytime that movie is on everything stops and I have to watch it I think it's really important you know not to believe the hype it would be really silly for me to put a lot of importance into something that's physical so I really appreciate my job I love that I have fans out there but at the same time it's important for me to keep it in check I'm a big fan of the Food Network and Bobby Flay so I would love to cook with Bobby Flay I would love to go on his show and and cook a meal learn some secrets I'm a huge sports nut and being from Santa Cruz I love the 49ers through and through even though the records not the greatest there's such a great franchise and a huge team and they were you know yeah unstoppable you know Joe Montana Jerry Rice these guys who are still legends today that's what I grew up watching so it was a great time to become a fan and fall in love with football so I I still follow it today and it's a big part of my family gatherings and you know it's it's a fun social thing to be involved into I'm really excited I'm partnering with surf tech to create a line of stand-up paddle boards for women it's a sport I've been involved in in the last couple of years and a lot of the boards out there built more for men they're really big they're hard to carry so Randy French and I came up with a design that was easy for women to carry yet still stable enough in the water and it's just it's a great sport I think it's important when you exercise that you have something that's fun to do it's therapeutic because you get outside you know you see dolphins and even if you don't surf it's a great way to just be out in the ocean my mom was a big part of me having a positive foundation for living a healthy lifestyle and having an awareness of my body she got me a gym membership when I was 16 years old and showed me how to take care of my body not so much in a physical way I didn't really have an awareness of trying to make my body look good it was more about being healthy and being strong and I played a lot of sports in high school that was a big part of my foundation for for having an awareness of my body and food and you know when a big shoot comes up what I need to do to take care of myself in 20 years I'll probably be in Santa Cruz running around with a whole bunch of little surf grommets and lots of dogs and I want to have a crazy household I want to have a lot of kids a lot of dogs and just have a lot of energy around and be around my family.

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