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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Form 944 Pr Pub

Instructions and Help about Form 944 Pr Pub

Is this the boat you want to be on I know sometimes it seems like the deep state is winning because they haven't been arrested yet and they're still out running their mouths on mainstream TV and opening up endless fishing investigations into endless pits of nothingness that is there's no evidence so why are they allowed to do this are the Trump and the mega and the people who want to choose greatness and have common sense and have a peaceful and prosperous society and want to make people that do massive crimes like many of these people have allegedly done are they losing because they let them continue to go on like this well they are the Patriots as some might call them are in control they are in the massive battleships and the massive underwater submarines in which it doesn't matter what the surface of the water is these people are in a rowboat and they have to paddle as they tire themselves out through all kinds of storms being put being created by the weather control storm of the queue and on movement the Great Awakening making them expend all of their ammunition all of their energy exposing what they're truly like and making the choice very clear to the American people more or later about if people are actually going to see that I know some people think that there's no way that we're going to get outside of our echo chamber but that has already happened there's evidence and I think that will continue to change these people are on a rowboat tiring themselves out endlessly exposing themselves endlessly fishing there's nothing to be caught as Trump said you may have seen in the video queue posted yesterday that they are going to find nothing because there is nothing so this is going to be a massive red pilling for the people eventually in the long run and it's we're not losing because these people are still out there they are defeating themselves by being out there endlessly rowing endlessly expending their energy endlessly exposing themselves for the zero value that their propositions their proposals their new green and other deals and if you're not sure if they are truly losing think about what it would be like to be in their shoes and be going to bed at night and how you might feel about the state of your life and the future of how your agenda might go if you had done crimes as it has been suggested that some of these people have done and you had Trump in control and Patriots in control of the nuclear nuke nuclear sub i George W Bush that won almost every time how would you feel would you be feeling comfortable because if you're the kind of guy or lady who likes megawhatts I feel much more comfortable and they've only the only reason I think people are conditioned to think that they're they're winning these people are winning is because we've been so conditioned to focus on the short run and never think there can be a long term plan that we can invest in something with an outcome in the future they want us to seek immediate gratification so we will be able to be led by their short-term incentives of what feels good think about how they advertise to you and they don't want us to think defer gratification wait for the long-term assure your victory by building something and that's what's happening that's what the Cuban on phenomenon the great awakening phenomenon you are the news is doing it is building a long-term impossible to defeat plan win which these people defeat themselves on that note I'd like to talk about the news if you are new here please consider subscribing as I talk about these kinds of things just about every day and how they relate to our everyday lives the Great Awakening and the new dawn of sanity for Humanity this relates to yesterday's posts that seemed a bit unclear to read these are from the anons someone sent me and they seemed like codes that we couldn't decipher but the anons of course some ideas protect MGL could be protect mogul Trump's codename you know he's a mogul de fire good fire relates to some posts we'll see today this condition next 24 hours - 48 location assist good defensive fire available mmm GL change route under mogul change in travel plans drum change button travel plans clear all non-essential personnel next 48 hours clear all nons dark pattern active no air traffic over secure area next 48 hours limit no non-essentials locate anti-air batteries on these buildings this starts now active commence track report to track and advised record firm keep secure area dark - 48 dark interesting as for the cue posts from today first there is this one that is a link to this Twitter status here you can see from Todd Penley who is a gentleman who supports cue you can see here he says I'll take what is a cue proof for 1000 Alex this is a picture that shows a to-do list from somebody this isn't Trump we'll find out who it is what's it's appears to be Pompeo we find out later and a cue post from today we noticed this to-do list is missing 15 16 17 18 19 those all surround 17 and it ends in twenty three twenty three has been referenced as here comes the pain in previous cue posts anons also noticed that this was actually posted the same picture as posted back in 2022 may 23rd 2022 also 23q says sometimes reading between the line provides lions provides meat IG reading between the lines provides clarity as to what's actually being said meat i ji did Pompeo that's who indeed who that is meet with the inspector general secretary of state meeting the.

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