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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Form 944 Pr Processing

Instructions and Help about Form 944 Pr Processing

I'm putting trades together since I was your age I'll have it together for you in no time Frank Marlowe Auto craving Angela white would you like to start the comments like the key the key now let's go pal Stevens got anything for a headache I'm out of ribbon Milly Paul Toni SWANA and Alan Tucker each of these likable upright honest and intelligent citizens is about to encounter a problem an individual problem brought about by a little carelessness a slight misunderstanding a too hasty approach to a situation in most of their cases a failure to read explicitly the proper directions carried away by the pressures of the day many of us don't follow instructions read directions or think consequently we leave ourselves open for trouble regardless of how much of a hurry were in the slightest mistake may cause delays the right way is usually the fastest way to do anything while the problems of these people in this series of circumstances are theirs and theirs alone they all along with many other citizens face more common problems and uncertainties at income tax time detailed instructions usually come with any device you have to operate reading and applying those instructions usually saves headaches saves the bother of undoing and redoing certainly one of the most important books of instruction published is this booklet that comes with your federal income tax form 1040 you'll file a better more accurate return by reading it well before the deadline date and possibly save money these supplemental books of interest to a particular taxpayer group may help to in getting things together for your return there may be distractions try to avoid them our first taxpayer Otto Craven is back on the ball he thus helps ensure timely receipt of his refund check here's how it works once Otto's 1040 is received the service center processes it for a refund here with others it is sorted checked for mistakes a missing social security number a missing signature finding no mistakes guards are key punch for Otto's return information is recorded here in the computer room on master tapes check for mathematical accuracy sent to the national computer center Martinsburg West Virginia here the refund information will be transferred by other computers to additional tapes that will automatically instruct the regional dispersing office to make out the actual check it happens this way for people who file correctly but Frank Marlowe didn't keep complete or accurate records essential to a good return and failed to attach his w-2 to his 1040 when processed at the service center a tax examiner will discover he omitted this form and hold up the refund until IRS gets the missing w-2 in a typical year a half million individuals forget to send in their w-2s with their tax forms longer delays in getting refunds are caused by other omissions forgetting to sign the return or to have your spouse sign on a joint return will cause IRS to send back your form and delay a refund for major areas of a 1040 in correctly computed may result in an audit Angela White was called in for an office audit she didn't read those instructions you just can't add the total charges on time-payment purchases as deductible interest the instructions point out that not more than 6 percent of the average unpaid monthly balance may be tallied while her tax as recomputed was something of a shock to Angela the agent found an item in her favor to help offset the additional payment there - Angela had neglected to read the instructions more fortunate was Alan Tuckerman while a computer had selected his return for audit his absent mindedness and preoccupation had not extended this far his mother-in-law claims was sustained Allen had read the instructions carefully some 40 percent of taxpayers audited find no change on their returns returns questionable to computers or auditors are found in order when taxpayers present records and prove their entries so good records kept throughout the year are very important a revenue agent will go to the taxpayers place of business if his records are so bulky or numerous that he couldn't conveniently bring them to the IRS office this is a field audit among several items to be verified the agent asks Cal Stephens to substantiate his contributions Cal proves with supporting documents entries in question but finds himself faced with a persistently recurring problem each year information from more than 100 million returns is stored here in the master files at the national computer center at the center a great matching operation takes place tapes from all parts of the country communicate with other tapes for example interest paid you by a bank in Seattle or a dividend from a corporation in Boston is recorded and can be automatically checked against your return if an error is spotted the information is fed back to the service that are concerned and appropriate action is taken remember there are more than a hundred million tax payers some a lot like you others a lot different with you they all have a vested interest in the future of our country taxes are the price we pay for civilizations it was true in ancient Greece and Rome it was true in the early colonies it was true a century ago it is true today the civilization we seek to maintain requires a strong national defense the continuing study experiment exploration it all takes money billions in fact because most taxpayers are cooperative patriotic citizens the collection function at IRS is carried on at a cost of less than one half cent for tax dollar for this credit the American taxpayer who with good records carefully read instructions tells it like it is as for who thinks up these things well in Washington inside the Internal Revenue Service headquarters a special committee meets regularly to consider the matter of forms they.

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