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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Form 944 Pr Pm

Instructions and Help about Form 944 Pr Pm

Hey guys thanks so much for joining me again I wanted to answer a couple questions on these earrings that I had on in my last video that I uploaded in that video I had filmed it last weekend and I said that I was going to film three videos hopefully that day to get uploaded at a later time well I did actually fail most videos but they did not come out so needless to say I'm filming in my evening routine all over again and I figured I'd take the opportunity to talk about these earrings these earrings that many of you commented on they're all different colors they're little like rounds little very light metal II pieces very dangly I love these earrings I mean they sell really awesome awesome earrings but these earrings are old when I was in high school back in that timeframe in the late 60s early 70s it was very common for a big furniture company I think it was called lean furniture to come and talk to the high school girls that were getting ready to graduate and talk about having a hoe chest and they gave us little tiny small hope just cedar-lined hope chest and as a an example of what a larger hope chest was well of course the whole thing was you can this is you hope chest you're gonna fill it with China with pillowcases with certain things that you want to keep for that hopeful day when you get married I don't think do they still do Hope Chest today I don't know I don't have any girls in high school and my boys wouldn't have been aware of that but anyway so back in the day we did have that and they gave these free little mini hope shuts out to everyone and for some reason I used mine rather than my little my mother and dad then we're not gonna buy me a big hope chest so that was out of the picture but I used my little one as a way to collect my jewelry and at one point I don't know whether it was late 60s 70s and into 80s I put that away and I packed it away forgot all about it until one day I came across that a couple of years ago and inside that little hope chests were all my old earrings so I don't really know how old these are I'm guessing early 70s but it could be mid 70s could even be late 60s I don't know because all of the earrings I and they were all vintage pieces that I actually wore you know and some of the my head I did see a couple of pictures you know that I had earrings on so it's really really cool so wanted to share that with you because I had some of you asked where did I get the earrings and how awesome they were yeah they're just old earrings that I saved from way back way back in the day so now on to my video this is a very highly requested video by many of you and that is for me to update my evening skincare routine and to be very honest with you I have had not so many I've not had a whole lot of changes I am definitely a creature of habit but I am NOT an expert I I do listen to my skin I do go to a dermatologist I do follow their advice anyways my skin is an experiment in progress so what I do for my skin in a way I'm endorsing that you should do it or saying or recommending I'm just sharing with you what I do for my 64 year old skin in the wintertime when it changes when my skin is super dry when the air changes he comes on all the time it can be a real nightmare dealing with dry flaky awful skin and so my routine I have bought a few different devices skincare devices and I'll talk about those in the end if I have time if not we'll be separate video but my routine is pretty well consistent I came home from work and I can come home from work 5:30 6 o'clock at night and I usually leave on a normal day when I'm not having to drive travel anywhere other than my office I usually leave 8 a.m. in the morning so I get up feeling early I go to sleep for a little early but when I get home if we're not going out if nothing is happening I will stop the process of removing my makeup and normally what I do is I use if it is a if it is a night that I am going to be putting my eyelash serums on my eyelash growth serum which is right now I'm even using the blink product if it is that to the night I use a oil-free cleanser and it's usually I just buy the equate you can get the Neutrogena show you the one I have I usually just buy the cheap equate oil free I put it on my fingers I don't put it on a cotton ball and I just gently massage it into my eyelashes and then after that I will take some water and I will rinse it off so because it's a night of using that kind of a treatment I don't want to have any kind of oil residue around my eyes at all I was told way back when that the secret to these serums I know they're true or not if you use any kind of an oil product any kind of oil based cleanser if you don't remove it all and inhibits the serum from actually doing what it's supposed to do for your eyelash growth so I've always believed.

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