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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Form 944 Pr Penalties

Instructions and Help about Form 944 Pr Penalties

Shadow cam Wisconsin got ahold of this customer relations guidance memo on photography and filming on postal property it was put out by the post office and he was amazed shocked mayor is distraught as to this question an answer right here can someone conduct photography filming inside postal facilities the answer to that according to the post office was no any photography or filming inside postal facilities must be approved in advance by management now why would he be shocked and amazed by that if we look this is this is the audit where he got the memo he filmed poster seven poster seven talks about photographs for news advertising or commercial purposes now I do want to point out this should give you a little bit of guidance as to what they're trying to do here with this section on photography is it is under the section called specific restrictions they're restricting your right to film in this section of specific restrictions they talk about disturbances you can't do them gambling can't do it alcoholic beverages drugs and smoking can't do it soliciting engineering collecting debt spending or advertising can't do it tables chairs freestanding signs of structures can't have them public assembly and public address can't have it depositing literature can't do it I wonder what they're going to talk about in this section on photographs for news advertising your commercial purposes well let's find out this is the portion that shadow cam Wisconsin reads when he reads this sign he reads photographs for news purposes may be taken in entrances lobbies foiiows corridors or auditoriums when used for public meetings and then he put a little period at that and he walks away now the problem with that is there is no period there the problem with that is that that sentence continues and the meaningful portion of that sentence is this part except we're prohibited by official signs or security force personnel or other authorized personnel or a federal court order or rule this port this little piece right here and the section specific restrictions is designed to restrict your right to photograph you'll notice our penalties another law over here it's based on two 32.1 conduct on postal property subsection h5i photographs for news advertising or commercial purposes in this in the CFR not on the sign for whatever reason but in the CFR they put the meaty part first they start off with except as prohibited by official science or the directions of the security force personnel or other other authorized personnel or a federal corridor now who wrote poster 7 and who wrote 39 CFR 232 point 1 it was in Congress so we can rule that one out it wasn't your state or local legislature so we can rule those out the US Postal Service the US Post Office they wrote this the same people that wrote this policy memo wrote this CFR so if you're if you're wondering why this says you can't do it you may want to rethink your understanding of this because this says you can't do it you have to have permission I know it doesn't say oh you've got to get permission but that's the that's the thrust that's the brunt of it because what this policy is telling the postal employees to do is to deny you permission it's to prohibit it they're telling their postal employees to prohibit it now you may baffle them with and miss read the set the section for them or they may have misread it the post office also gives them some leeway informal snapshots from handheld cameras for personal use may thats may they don't have to be but they may be allowed at the postmasters discretion again the master can prohibit it provided there is no disruption to Postal Service operations and that the pictures are taken from areas accessible to the public in these cases no prior permission is required from the office of rights and permissions you still have to get the postmasters permission however no lighting or scaffolding may be set up and no picture can depict any Postal Service employee customer security camera or cover of mail post masters may restrict any and all photography if they determine that it is disruptive or there are potential security concerns so I I hope you're getting the idea here it's it's not like there is a a memo or a CFR that allows photography everything is designed to restrict photography this restricts photography now what happens if you let's say you get in an argument like shadow cam did let's say you get an argument with the post office employee postmaster or whatever and you caused a disruption now there's another section of this part e disturbances disorderly conduct or conduct which creates allowed an unusual noise or which impedes ingress or egress to to or from the post office or otherwise obstructs the usual use of entrances etc which otherwise tends to impede or disturb the public employees in the performance of their duties and arguing with them would impede or disturb them or which otherwise impedes or disturbs general public and transacting business or obtaining the services provided on the properties prohibited and that is also reflected in poster 7 under specific restrictions disturbances and there are penalties associated for both just remember if you want to do this if you want to do this and get arrested so that you could challenge the constitutionality of the regulations and that's fine have fun but if you're not looking to pay fines if you're not looking to go to jail if if that concerns you and you don't want to make that sacrifice then you should be aware that whoever shall be found guilty of violating the rules and regulations in this section while in the perdy under the charging control the post office is subject to a fine is provided in.

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