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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Form 944 Pr Mailing

Instructions and Help about Form 944 Pr Mailing

So I just got back from doing my exam the 473 for the Postal Service I literally only studied for 20 minutes I'm not good at tests and I scored an 83% and I wanted to show you guys how I did it and what I did to prepare for it so pretty much an hour before I had to leave to go there I just typed in US PS practice test you click on that USPS practice tests click on the first link USPS Postal Exam org slash prac exams dot PHP click on that it gives you the three sections of exams you're going to do it's going to be your address checking your form completion and your coding and memory those three parts make up the full exam the full four seven three Postal Exam so for address verification it's going to give you on the actual test it gives you 60 questions and you have to complete it I believe in six or seven minutes basically they look exactly like this each questions going to be listed twice um with address and all you have to do is see if there's a difference or not doesn't matter if it's a common set of a period so for instance this one here you have eighteen Union and eighteen onion Adrian comma WV or Adrian comma WV so basically I know for a fact that these are wrong because the spelling is wrong so what you would do over here is for a you would leave it if it's perfectly correct B if it's only the address see if it's only the zip code or D if it's both so then you also have to verify the zip code two six two one zero six seven two nine two six two one zero six seven two nine so I know that it's only the address that would be B what I did to make this a lot faster because you do have a limited amount of time I finished it with about 30 seconds remaining for this portion what I did was I just verified the zip code first if the zip code matched perfectly I move on to the address and so on and so forth I found that the numbers were easier to focus on first and move on from there all right so the next portion of the test you want to do that portion pretty quick without making mistakes because if you go too slow you're gonna miss a lot of answers like I said I feel like I went pretty fast and I only had 30 seconds left so for the second portion it's called the form completion basically this is just looking at something and understanding it like this is called a pickup service a statement for pickup service I don't know what this does for me I've you know I've never worked with a postal service but all you have to do is just answer the questions according to the label up top on the questions so I think this one was about was about 30 questions give or take and they gave you 15 minutes this one to give you the most amount of time I think I had about three minutes left because I was just double-checking all my answers to make sure I read them thoroughly that's something that you want to do sometimes they'll say you know what is not going this box versus what does go in this box so that might throw you off it's pretty easy though so like for let's see which of the options below is the correct entry for box 28 all I got to do is go to box 28 they're all numbered pickup date and time so what you would do is would you put done no would you put money amount no would you put none no you'd put a date and time it's pretty self-explanatory I think this is the easiest part of the test as long as you can read directions thoroughly all right in the third section on this form and you guys can practice this as much as you want on this practice test like I said I only did it for 20 minutes the last part is coding in memory so we're going to start this section here what it's going to give you it's going to give you an address range so basically like this number of addresses for Mitchell Lane all goes to a that goes to the a route same thing with van crest from 854 to 1555 all go to the a route and so on and so forth so basically all you have to do is I think on this one they give you six minutes and I believe it's 36 coatings so give you 36 addresses and you have to tell the a B C or D of where it goes so for instance they'll give you 36 of these they give you two eight five five one Allen Street so what I did first was I looked at the name of the street it's Allen so that I see Allen is in C so two eight five five one is in between two one five one three and it's in between two nine five two four so I know that answer is C so that's pretty much self-explanatory I think I had a minute left on this you have six minutes to do 36 on the actual test not too bad as long as you can look and know what's in between what numbers it's not too bad sometimes they give you one that's not in the range and those are going to be D so for instance if it's address 5,000 van crest I know it doesn't it's not in between these two so it's got to be D all right so the third.

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