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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Form 944 Pr Liability

Instructions and Help about Form 944 Pr Liability

I would like now to introduce your speaker for today staiin area Dana is currently the payroll tax manager at Petsmart Inc Dana has been heavily involved in the payroll field for over 15 years starting as a payroll clerk at a small suction company then I moved on it on to be a feral team leader at Honeywell Inc during dinner time at 20 well she obtained her FTC from the metal sale certification through the American tails Association she also received several merit awards for customer service and acquisitions and divestitures Dana is no stranger to teaching she has taught at the metro Phoenix American trade association meetings and at the Arizona State Fair on conference topics including paralytics global cultural awareness inclusion basics for the federal professional hockey state and local taxation and quality control for tail for payroll International and Canadian payroll Dana and her CPP certificate certified Aero professional throughout the APA she also serves as the national American Payroll Association on the national strategic leadership task force mint affairs task force PA local tax subcommittee Dana has received a citation of Merit for her service along with being a Gold team member or of the APA besides her payroll accomplishments Dana is certified in HR hiring and firing practices and is a Six Sigma green belt then a work of the program you are now ready to begin thank you and welcome to new form 941 for 2022 all you need to know so first let's talk about what we're going to review today so first we're going to talk about 9041 basic so we're going to recover reporting requirements we're going to talk about do days electronic filing we have a really good review around signing the document and believe it or not this is one area that is actually reports as one of the most commonly misused or in one of the areas that has the most issues with it is signing the document so we're really going to talk about that make sure that you're aware of and how you should handle signatures we're going to do a line-by-line review this is where you're going to see the changes for 2022 so we've got a couple new lines I'm added to the form 941 for 2022 we're going to talk about what those new lines are you as a paraprofessional what you should know about them and how you should handle them we're going to talk about the schedule B and really understand Schedule B requirements and tips you know do you need to do a Schedule B does everyone need to do a Schedule B and why the Schedule B is so important and this is another area where a lot of employers end up getting notices from the IRS because you're not completing the schedule B accurately or it's missing information so we're going to talk about that in the importance of it we'll also talk about reconciliation of the form 941 and really understand you know why reconciling your form 941 to your w2 the year end are so important the critical function that you really should do at the end of each year in we're going to talk about why then we're going to do just a very brief overview of the 941 X form and the 9041 X form is is very in line with the form 941 itself.

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