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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Form 944 Pr Int

Instructions and Help about Form 944 Pr Int

Hey this is John from what is QuickBooks com what you see in front of you right now is the QuickBooks premier edition 2022 home screen and incidentally the tip I'm going to show you will work with QuickBooks 2022 or above if you are a small business owner and you've been in business for some time then you are familiar with the employers quarterly federal tax return if you're not let me give you a little bit of background information what is form 941 well form 941 is a federal tax form also known as the employer's quarterly federal tax return it reports the number of employees the amount of social security taxes amount amount of Medicare taxes and income taxes you have payable to the federal government now you might ask who uses form 941 well form ninety one form 941 is typically used by small business owners now you might be asking why well every business owner is required to submit a completed IRS tax form 941 especially if you withheld Social Security federal and Medicare taxes from any of your workers paychecks now if you have ever done this return manually you know that it can be somewhat of a headache and it can be somewhat cumbersome to complete the reason I have the screen in front of you is that QuickBooks has a really neat and a really quick way of producing this form for you provided that you are using it and you are using the employees payroll function and if you are it's really simple now if you are not using QuickBooks I recommend that you do get a copy of QuickBooks now if you want more information about QuickBooks you can go to my website what is QuickBooks com to get more information I'm going to show you how to quickly produce the form 941 using QuickBooks as I mentioned before this particular feature but this particular tip will work with quickbooks 2022 or above now what we want to do is I'm going to show you two ways to get there the easiest way is to simply click on process payroll forms and that's going to bring up the select form type in this case this is a federal form so you'd want to click OK and bring that form up I'll go ahead and click OK and that'll bring up the option to choose a form I'm gonna cancel that real quick to show you the other way and so that another way is to simply click on employees from the drop down menu click payroll tax forms and w-2s then go to process payroll forms and that will bring it up as well then you click OK because it's a federal form then we want to select form quarterly form 941 slash schedule B then we want to confirm that we're in the right quarter and the right year now this is an example so you can ignore this year then you click OK you may or may not get a message that prompts you to make sure ensure that you're picking up the latest payroll tax form and this example will assume that you have already you'll click OK and it's going to bring up the interview section for the form and there's various instructional information that you're going to want to go through once you've gone through that you click the necessary or make the necessary selections the next thing you will do is click Next and it will produce the form for you in our example you can see all of the pertinent information such as the name the particular quarter that we're reporting for and based on the answers you provided the amount of money as well as the tax liability that you'll there's another or an additional page this so you're going to want to click Next and you're going to want to review this information and confirm it as well then at the bottom it's just like the actual form it's going to ask you some other information such as such as signature do you want a third party prepare to answer questions things of that nature and the next page would actually just be a set of additional instructions you can ignore that but if it is what you like or it's what you're looking for you'd want to click on check for Eris and once you've checked for errors if all that turned out okay you'd want to click submit the form and once you've done that or if you wanted to save it for later you can click Save and close you can also save it as a PDF or you can print it for your records so that's basically how you use QuickBooks to produce or to begin to produce your form 941 once again this is John from what is QuickBooks com I hope this tip has been helpful take care and have a great day.

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